Ryan Praises Obama’s Call for Amnesty

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) praised President Obama’s call for amnesty for illegal aliens. Ryan, who was Mitt Romney’s running mate for vice president, said that Obama’s advocacy of “comprehensive” amnesty was “productive.” He also said that he hoped that Obama’s words would be a prelude to “getting something done.” 

Read more at Politico.


  1. Some GOP politicians that previously opposed amnesty now support it the vain hope they can win the Hispanic vote. All of the compelling reasons not to grant mass amnesty to millions of poor, uneducated Third World illegals are still valid (to name a few: billions in additional welfare, medical and education expenses; encouragement for more illegal immigration; chain migration in the millions as amnestied aliens send for relatives, etc.) – the only thing that has changed is the selfish political calculation by some GOP pols that they need Hispanic votes to stay in office – the future of our country be damned.
    They are quietly abandoning the working and middle class white Americans that have supported them who are now struggling with unemployment and falling living standards. But, hey, things are great in Fat City, D.C. for our traitorous ruling class.


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