Ryan: No Plans for Cutting or Limiting Immigration

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) stated that he will not bring up legislation to cut or limit immigration. Said Ryan, “We’re not going to be talking about visa caps in our agenda.” He takes this stand despite he fact that 67 percent of Republicans want legal immigration reduced and another 25 percent don’t want the current level to increase. Ryan came to be speaker when many Republican  grew tired of former speaker John Boehner, and his failures to uphold their goals, including a more moderate immigration policy. Ryan won by posing as a conservative, while downplaying his radical libertarian commitment to mass immigration. On this issue, he is more radical than Boehner.

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  1. Maria Bartiromo recently interviewed Ryan on her Sunday Morning Futures show, asking about the 1 million green cards that are issued every year. She asked point blank if he would consider lowering that number, and he danced around it, never answering the question. Why cant the GOP just say we have to reduce LEGAL and ILLEGAL immigration, to help the workers of OUR OWN COUNTRY? That would , should, make a connection to Black and Hispanic citizens and others that the GOP is trying to help our own people rather than pander to big business. There are commercials running (I forget who is sponsoring) of Barbara Jordan, Black Democrat Congresswoman from Texas, 20 YEARS ago that are more restrictionist than anything ANYONE other than Trump is advocating that are saying these things.
    The Democrats just want the voters. The GOP wants to satisfy the Chamber of Commerce. We need a clean break.
    As much as I think Trump is a loose cannon and unfit to be President, that has to be why he is in the lead.
    Whether or not he will ever be able to fulfill these promises remains a big question.


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