Remain in Mexico or Go Home: Asylum Seekers Consider Alternatives

The MPP policy (otherwise known as “remain in Mexico”) enacted by President Trump earlier this earlier appears to be working as intended. According to a report in the Fresno, California, KGPE TV website, “large numbers of migrants” are giving up on securing U.S. asylum. Required by the policy to wait out their court adjudications in Mexico–and thus prevented from disappearing into America–many Cubans and Central Americans who had initially put in a formal request for U.S. asylum are now increasingly missing follow-up appointments with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

Enrique Valenzuela, the director of the Chihuahua state Population Council in Mexico, which manages a waiting list of asylum seekers in Juarez on behalf the CBP, is quoted as saying, “[W]hen they (asylum seekers on the list) are called to meet with CBP. . ., we call, for example, 10 people and we are able to go down 30 to 40 numbers on the list because many don’t show up.” As of Wednesday, September 11, Valenzuela’s list contained 6,200 names, but he estimates that perhaps only half remain in Juarez. He believes that most of the others have taken advantage of free bus rides back to their home countries.

Others, not yet ready to return home, have opted to apply for “humanitarian refuge” in Mexico. Otherwise, at least in a few cases, some are marrying Mexican citizens to legalize their status. And finally, he admits that some may be trying to enter the U.S. through alternative (i.e, illegal) means.

As always, any success by the Trump administration in stemming the influx of illegal aliens into our country is met with opposition by pro-immigrant forces. Marisa Limon, deputy director of El Paso’s Hope Border Institute, denounced the MPP program, charging that “we’re playing games with people’s lives.” Limon goes on to insist that among asylum seekers, “There is a desire to play by the rules.” This strikes us as ironic considering the fact that up to 90% of asylum seekers released in the U.S. skip their court dates.

For more, see the Fresno, California, KGPE TV website.


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