Ramos Has Supremacist Agenda

The Quote Below: More Misinformation from the Media

The wall has become a metaphor to Mr. Trump and his millions of supporters. It represents a divide between “us” and “them,” a physical demarcation for those who refuse to accept that in just a few decades, a majority of the country will be people of color.

This is about more than just a wall. Mr. Trump promised it in 2015, in the same speech in which he announced his candidacy, the same speech in which he called Mexican immigrants rapists, criminals and drug traffickers. His goal was to exploit the anxiety and resentment of voters in an increasingly multicultural, multiethnic society. Mr. Trump’s wall is a symbol for those who want to make America white again.

The chant “Build that wall, build that wall” became his hymn — and an insult not just to Latinos but also to all people who do not share his xenophobic ideals. The wall went from a campaign promise to a monument built on bigoted ideas. That is why most Americans cannot say yes to it. Every country has a right to protect its borders. But not to a wall that represents hate, discrimination and fear. – Jorge Ramos: Trump Is the Wall, The New York Times, Jorge Ramos, 1/9/19 [Link]

Fact Check of Quote: Ramos engages in race baiting, no doubt to cover his own racial/ethnic agenda. His book The Latino Wave, reveals a Latino supremacist agenda. As a reviewer on Amazon rightly notes, “In this work, millionaire Jorge Ramos essentially advocates for a Hispanic conquest of the United States. He urges Hispanics in the U.S. to reject cultural assimilation in the U.S. and, at the same time, to drop their national identities in order to form a united front to make the U.S. a Hispanic nation. He labels anyone who disagrees with this conquest of the U.S. a racist.”

Thus Ramos criticizes those who question massive demographic transformation of the U.S., even as he pushes to makeover this country in the image of Latin America. Two things he says in this quote are completely false. President Trump did not call all Mexican immigrants “rapists, criminals and drug traffickers.” He said that some Mexican illegal aliens fit those descriptions—a true statement. Next, neither Trump nor anyone else is proposing an immigration policy to “make America white again.” No change of immigration could do that in a country with tens of millions of non-white native-born citizens.

And why should loyal citizens of Latino background be offended by a wall to protect a country that is just as much theirs as any other citizens. When Ramos speaks of Latinos being insulted, he must be referring to supremacist Latinos such as himself.

Ramos claims that our country has the right to protect its border, but his statement is highly disingenuous. What he really seems to mean is that we can take steps to secure the border only so long as those steps are ineffective to stop illegal immigration. To suggest a wall or anything else effective is to risk a shower of politically-correct bully words from Ramos: bigot, hater, racist, xenophobe, etc.

This trash talk merits no respect. Contrary to Ramos’s assertion, there should be a distinction between us (citizens) and (them) non-citizens. If we don’t make that distinction, we cease to have a country.


  1. Thank you for exposing this man for what he is: a dangerously duplicitous radical elite. The real tragedy in all of this is that the people in our country who really need to read your enlightening and intelligent article (as well as equally excellent commentaries from other honest sources) will never do so. I truly mourn our once great Fourth Estate — the “mainstream media,” which is now just as duplicitous as Jorge Ramos and his ilk.


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