Radicals Attack ICE Union Patriot

“Chris Crane represents organized bigotry, Not ICE employees.” – The editors of Imagine 2050 website.

Fact Check: Chris Crane is president of the National ICE Council, the union that represents the employees of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the federal agency charged with internal enforcement of immigration laws. As president of the union, Crane is officially designated—contrary to the claim of Imagine 2050—to represent the interests of the union’s rank and file.

On numerous occasions Crane has exposed the Obama Administration’s systematic policies to prevent ICE from effectively enforcing immigration laws. Imagine 2050, a strident voice of the radical left, is not happy about Crane’s efforts to expose what’s happening. Leftist radicals commonly use terms such as “bigotry” to demonize anyone who suggests that our country should control its borders and make legal distinction between citizens and non-citizens. 

The reason, as revealed in William Hawkins’ book, Importing Revolution, is that these radicals hope to weaken America’s rule of law by promoting illegal immigration, and then use the resulting anarchy to advance their revolutionary agendas. To manipulate public opinion, they commonly twist the meaning of words, as Imagine 2050 did by denouncing Crane’s stance as “anti-immigrant.”

The left’s propagandists seek to blur the distinction between illegal aliens and immigrants, the latter being foreigners who enter the country legally and abide by our laws. The aim is to impart the good name of the law-abiding to the lawbreakers. It is with this rhetorical sleight-of-hand that Imagine 2050 tries to stick the “anti-immigrant” label on Crane.

Along with this false labeling, Imagine 2050 tries to misrepresent the ICE union president with a bogus rhetorical question. It quotes him saying that immigration legislation before Congress would provide “special protections and legalization for violent criminals and gang members illegally in the United States” Then the Imagine 2050 editors disingenuously ask, “Is Crane saying that all immigrants are violent criminals?”

No, he’s not saying that, nor even suggesting it. Once again, he’s referring to illegal aliens, not immigrants. And his statement makes no reference to all illegal aliens—just those who are violent and members of gangs.

Chris Crane is not bigot, but a patriot who upholds the laws of his country. The definition of a bigot according to Webster’s is “a person who holds blindly and intolerantly to a particular creed, opinion, etc.” Genuine bigots twist truth to advance their dogmas. In this instance, it’s not hard to imagine a website where some of them post their opinions.


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