Pro-Immigration Elites Scorn Masses

In the May issue of First Things, writer Matthew Schmitz argues that support for mass immigration by U.S. elites often stems from their disdain for average Americans. He observed that “Confident that I opposed all forms of ­bigotry, I failed to notice that support for migration is ­characterized in no small part by contempt. Our elites portray working-class Americans as violent, hateful, and incompetent. They revel in their suffering.”

Some examples Schmitz cited were as follows: “In a 2017 column for the New York Times, Bret ­Stephens proposed, ‘So-called real Americans are screwing up America. Maybe they should leave, so that we can replace them with new and better ones.’ In 2017, William Kristol said during a discussion with Charles Murray, ‘Look, to be totally honest, if things are so bad as you say with the white working class, don’t you want to get new Americans in? . . . I’m serious.’ In 2018, Max Boot wrote in the Washington Post that Trump’s supporters were “grumpy old white people who live in rural areas and lack college degrees.” In another column, he said that he wanted to ‘keep the hard-working Latin American newcomers’ and ‘deport the contemptible Republican cowards’ in Congress who had supported ­Donald Trump. Jennifer Rubin, his colleague at the Post, tweeted her agreement.”

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