Poll Shows Radical Shift on Illegal Aliens By Democrats

Democrat voters have become far more open to giving amnesty to illegal aliens over the last decade, while Republicans remain strongly opposed, according to extensive new polling by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs reported in The Washington Times Tuesday.  Little more than a decade ago, voters in both parties agreed that unchecked immigration was a significant threat to the U.S.  Now, however, the parties are miles apart, with 63% of Republicans saying immigration is a threat, while just 29% of Democrats rate it so.

Independents are right in the middle, with 46% seeing immigration as a threat.  Donald Trump’s surprising rise in the GOP presidential field reflects the agreement of the GOP base with his hard-line positions on uncontrolled immigration.  Meanwhile, the Democratic candidates are competing to be the most generous toward illegal aliens, promising an amnesty “pathway to citizenship” to the vast majority of illegal aliens.

Source:  http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/sep/15/democrats-shift-radically-on-illegal-immigration-a/

Posted 9/16/15 by Andrew Lewis


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