Poll Shows Independents Siding with Trump on Immigration

After the Democrats’ debates on Tuesday and Wednesday, President Trump had his chance Thursday evening at a rally in Cincinnati.  The communications consulting firm Maslansky + Partners conducted a live survey of 100 voters (Republicans, Democrats, and independents) where they asked each voter to assign a grade to a series of Trump’s statements. Lee Carter, president of Maslansky + Partners, appeared later on Fox and Friends to describe the results.

Carter explained that while Republican and Democrat grades were predictable, those grades assigned by independents tracked much more closely to the Republicans’. For example, at one point, President Trump said the following:

“The greatest betrayal committed by the Democrats is their support for open borders, and these open borders would overwhelm schools and hospitals, drain public services, and flood communities with poisonous drugs.  Democrat lawmakers care more about illegal aliens than they care about their own constituents. They put foreign citizens before American citizens.”

Democrats gave that statement an F.  Republicans gave it an A+. But independents gave it an A-, very much in line with Republicans.

Overall, Republicans graded Trump’s comments A+, Democrats F, but independents continued to side closer to Republicans, with an overall B-.

For more, see Fox News.


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