Poll: Elites Don’t Worry Over Mass Immigration, But People Do

A new opinion survey found vast gaps between the opinions of elites and ordinary Americans about the costs of mass immigration.  67% of GOP supporters see large numbers of immigrants as a critical threat to the country, compared to only 16% of GOP leaders.  27% of Democratic supporters saw a critical threat, while a mere 4% of leaders agreed.

The strong concern by rank-and-file Republicans had been growing even before Trump entered the political arena and raised the issue, suggesting that, even if Trump loses in November, GOP voters will not let the GOP elite return to cheap-labor open borders policies.

The survey, by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, also showed greater empathy among Trump’s supporters — than among Democrats — for their fellow Americans who have to pay the huge social and economic costs of mass immigration.

Read more here:  Even if Trump loses, this poll shows why hard-line immigration positions are here to stay – The Washington Post

And here:  http://www.breitbart.com/2016-presidential-race/2016/10/07/immigration-costs-dismissed-elites/


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