Feb 25

Degreed Immigrants Less Skilled Than Natives

Immigrants educated in their home countries, even at the college and post college levels are less skilled than Americans with similar education. A study by the Center for Immigration Studies found that “On both literacy and computer operations, foreign-educated immigrants with a college or advanced degree perform so poorly that they score at the level of natives who have only a high school diploma. On numeracy, foreign-educated immigrants with a college or advanced degree perform closer to the level of natives who have some college education, but not a bachelor’s.”

The Study notes, in light of these findings, that “Policy-makers should therefore be cautious in treating foreign degrees as evidence of ‘high-skill’ immigration.”

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Feb 25

The Migrant Hot Potato and a Brewing Environmental Crisis

If like us you’re attempting to keep up with the peregrinations of the various Central American migrant caravans, we feel your pain.

A few days ago, we reported that many of the migrants in Piedras Negras , Mexico, across the border from Eagle Pass, Texas, were being relocated to other Mexican towns along the U.S. border. We now learn that local Piedras Negras officials are actually paying to have some of the migrants transported all the way to Tijuana, more than 1000 miles away.

While the number being relocated to Tijuana so far is small (only 33 most recently), the move is indicative of the growing urgency on the part of Mexican border communities not to be left holding the migrant bag when the music stops.

If the Piedras Negras town fathers and mothers  are anxious to offload their unwanted visitors, that goes double for Tijuana.  As reported at various times here, that city of 1.6 million has seen thousands of migrants and asylum seekers flood in over the past few months.  While some have been further relocated (look out, Mexicali), many thousands remain. The city’s resources have consequently been stressed to the breaking point.

Tijuana natives are no happier with the migrants than those in Piedras Negras.  Anti-migrant protests have been attended by hundreds, and the mayor has been sufficiently vocal about the problem to be labeled the “Trump of Tijuana.”

Hiking trail near the Tijuana River











While the human “tsunami,” as Mayor Gastélum has called it, is critical in itself, the presence of so many migrants may be exacerbating an environmental crisis, as yet little discussed outside southern California. The Tijuana River, alongside a migrant camp of thousands that was shut down in December for sanitation reasons, flows north, into areas surrounding San Diego.  The river is notoriously polluted and carries tons of raw sewage into San Diego County daily,  forcing officials to close the beaches.  A sewage spill earlier this month poured an estimated 143 million gallons of raw sewage into the river, flowing into the U.S.

Meanwhile, officials of the State of California, which often boasts of its environmental sensitivity, continues its plans for “closer ties” with the people to its south.




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Feb 24

Cowboys Ride for Trump and Immigration Control

On Friday, the streets of Washington, DC, were given over to cowboys (and one Indian), mostly from New Mexico, who were “riding for Trump” and his efforts to combat illegal immigration and building a wall.

The riders, who had flown to Washington and secured horses from ranches in the area, were organized by Couy Griffin, a cowboy and county commissioner from New Mexico. Griffin carried a New Mexico flag and was flanked by John Fox, who carried a U.S. flag.

The Cowboys for Trump rode along the C&O Canal towpath from Cumberland, Maryland, to the Arlington National Cemetery.

Joining the cowboys was a lone Indian, Wolf Portugal, of the Yokuts tribe in California.

“’I’m not quiet about how I love Trump and what he’s doing,’” Portugal said, adding that there is huge support for the president across the Native American population, including for his call to secure the border.”

For more, see Breitbart.

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Feb 23

Chinese Nationals Use Birthright Citizenship to Scam U.S.

In an article published February 19 by the Heritage Foundation, Hans A. von Spakovsky has revealed a scam whereby wealthy Chinese officials and businessmen are using America’s birthright citizenship policy to secure U.S. citizenship for newborns of Chinese parents.

The Justice Department has indicted 19 Chinese nationals for immigration law violations in connection with a 20-year scheme to fraudulently grant U.S. citizenship to children from other countries.

The indicted individuals worked for years through three “birth tourism” agencies headquartered in Southern California. For fees ranging from $40,000 to $100,000,  these agencies brought thousands of pregnant foreign women to California on bogus tourist visas, then housed them in any of dozens of apartments in the area for months. When they gave birth, their offspring were then automatically granted U.S. citizenship, regardless of the blatant illegality of the scam.

Among the thousands of clients using the scheme were “Chinese government officials as well as others associated with Chinese Central Television, China Telecom, the Bank of China, the Public Security Bureau of the Beijing Municipal Government, and a government radio station.” When Chinese officials and higher-ups are securing American citizenship, the danger to U.S. national security is obvious.

Although a twentieth member of the ring, a lawyer, has already been sentenced to federal prison, the 19 just indicted have already fled  to China, which has little incentive to send them back for prosecution.

The real perpetrator in the case, however, is the misguided policy of birthright citizenship itself, which is based upon a misinterpretation of the 14th Amendment.  Shared by only one other country in the developed world (Canada), it is a magnet for fraud, and as this case amply illustrates, a national security exposure. It should be abolished.








For more, see the Heritage Foundation.


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Feb 22

Caravans Can Become Invasion

The Quote Below: More Misinformation from the Media

“The caravan has been revealed for what it is: a desperate attempt by desperate people driven to leave everything behind and walk from Honduras across Central America to escape violence, poverty, and death. Their beacon? Los Estados Unidos, where President Trump sent nearly 6,000 active-duty troops to fend off what he called an “invasion.”. . .

“The caravan itself is a reflection on how those border crossing have changed. The hiring of “coyotes,” who furtively helped smuggle individuals, resulted in exploitation and often the abuse of those attending to cross. Many of those seeking to enter the U.S. have opted for safety in numbers, hoping against hope they can make a humanitarian claim for asylum, though many do not meet the international refugee standard of fear of persecution.

“Their plight more than ever points up the need for a nuanced, humane, effective set of reforms that protect the integrity of this nation’s borders while addressing the plight of those fleeing situations more fearsome than most Americans can imagine. . . .

“Congress has much on its plate, but immigration reform should rise quickly toward the top, if only to stop the fear and xenophobia.” – Other View: Campaign Craziness Can Lead to Immigration Reform, Star Tribune, Minneapolis 11/26/18. [Link]

Fact Check on Quote: This article dismisses the notion that migrant caravans can be likened to an invasion. It fails to note that if unchecked these caravans could amount to an invasion force. Gallup recently found that 42 million Latin Americans want to move to the United States and that five million of them are making plans within the next twelve months.

If we show weakness in controlling the border, we are inviting this mass of humanity to come. Some no doubt live in miserable circumstances, but how many can we take before we become miserable ourselves? To imagine that we Americans can save the world by opening our borders to nearly all comers is unbounded arrogance bordering on insanity. In the face of a potential mass migration, putting troops on the border was a proper response.

This article shows at least a degree of honesty by admitting that in seeking amnesty “many [migrants] do not meet the international refugee standard of fear of persecution.” The truth is that the great majority of them don’t, but they are coached by open border activists to make this bogus claim. These activists help organize and fund the caravans. They are not the outcome of random people coming together on their own to move to the U.S.

The article speaks of protecting “the integrity of this nation’s borders,” but that can only happen if we send the message that we will not permit “caravans” to overwhelm those borders. This is patriotic common sense, not “fear and xenophobia.”

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Feb 22

Another Caravan on the Way as Mexican Border Towns Fill Up

Fox News is reporting that another in a seemingly endless number of migrant caravans from Central America and points south has crossed into Mexico.

Yesterday, more than a thousand migrants overwhelmed Mexican border agents on Mexico’s southern border and crossed into that country, with the ultimate objective of entering the United States.

Before they reach America, however, they will  join countless others already crowding into cities on Mexico’s northern border, cities like Ciudad Juarez.  Ciudad Juarez, across the border from El Paso,  is one of the most violent cities in the world. It witnessed 1200 murders last year and more than 100 last month. Yet,  as U.S. border security at the San Diego/Tijuana port to the west has been enhanced,  more migrants are headed to Juarez, in spite of the risk from violent attack by the cartels.

Apprehensions of illegal border crossers in the El Paso area are up a whopping  478 percent over last year. Since October 1, there have been 43,238 apprehensions of illegals in the area, compared with 7481 during the same period last year. Statements by Democratic politicians, many of them presidential candidates, have helped fuel the fire and add to the crisis. Former Texas Congressman Beto O’Rourke, for example, recently even called for the dismantling of the existing wall along the border.

Meanwhile, Border Patrol agents are doing what they can to strengthen the wall and fences by adding concrete “K-rails” (Jersey barriers) and barbed wire.










Hector Mancha, Director of Border Patrol Field Operations in El Paso, says the agency is taking a proactive approach.  “Waiting until a large group of persons mass at the border to attempt an illegal crossing is too late for us; it is vital that we are prepared prior to when they arrive at the border crossing,” he said.

For more, see Fox News.

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Feb 21

Kushner Meets with Cheap Labor Interests

McClatchy  news reports that Jared Kushner is holding private meetings with business groups seeking cheap labor. Kushner is President Donald Trump’s senior adviser and son-in-law. The meetings suggest that the Trump Administration is moving away from its previous commitment to protect American workers by restricting immigration.

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Feb 21

Former Immigration Judge Debunks Litigant States’ Claims

On Tuesday night, Art Arthur of the Center for Immigration Studies systematically debunked the claims of 15 states suing the Trump administration over the President’s declaration of a national emergency.

Appearing on SiriusXM’s  Breitbart News Tonight, Arthur considered and rejected each of the following claims by California and the other states:

Redirection of Military Funds Hurts Plaintiff States’ Economies. This is  based on losing military funding, but military facilities are federal, not state. “This is just political theater. ”

 Illegal Border Crossings Have Dropped. True, but misleading. Apprehensions today are heavily weighted to children, which magnify the humanitarian concerns.

 A Wall Will Not Reduce Cross-Border Drug Smuggling. The opioid crisis is real and deadly, and fentanyl and heroin are being smuggled into the U.S. across its southern border. It is more political theater to deny that fact.

Military Assets Must Not Be Used For Wall Construction. The claim that the military cannot be legally used for border wall construction is bogus. The Army Corps of Engineers has been involved in building border fencing from the beginning.

Immigrants Commit Less Crimes Per Capita Than Native-Born Americans. This is impossible to know, but it doesn’t matter. A crime committed by an illegal would not have been committed had the illegal not been in the U.S.

You can listen to the entire interview on Breitbart.

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Feb 20

A Half Million More Illegals in 2019

Breitbart reported yesterday the findings of  Steven Kopits. a researcher for Princeton Policy Advisors , who concludes that perhaps 500,000 illegal immigrants will successfully cross our southern border in 2019.

Kopits bases his estimate on a percentage of the number of illegal crossers who are actually apprehended. He estimates that between 55 and 60 percent of illegals are caught; the remaining 40 to 45 percent of the total represent his projected five hundred thousand.









Calling the numbers “stunning,” Kopits says there were nearly 48,000 attempted crossings last month alone, nearly 22,000 more than in the same period in 2017.

Economically, the impact is huge.

In addition to illegal immigration, the U.S. allows more than one million legal immigrants into the country each year. Steven Camarotta  of the Center for Immigration Studies estimates that every one-percent increase in the legal immigrant composition of an American workers’ occupation reduces the Americans’ weekly wages by one-half percent. At current levels of immigration, the average native-born American worker today has had his wage reduced by 8.5 percent.

When one-half million illegal immigrants are added to the legal total of more than one million, the impact on native-born American workers gets worse. Since most illegal immigrants who work find jobs in low-skilled occupations, the percentage of foreign workers in those occupations continues to rise disproportionately.  In any given low-skilled job, should 15 percent of all workers be foreign, the wages of native-born workers would be reduced by 12 percent.

This continual depressing of wages adds to the bottom line of Wall Street and big business, enriching the rich while further impoverishing the poor and eating away at the shrinking middle class.

For more, see Breitbart.


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Feb 19

Senator Questions All Fencing

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) says she “could support” removal of existing fencing and walls on the Mexican border. She stated that “Well, I’d have to ask folks in that part of the of the country to see whether the fencing that exists today is helpful or unhelpful.” Gillibrand is running for the Democratic presidential nomination next year, as is former Texas House member Beto O’Rourke (D-TX) who said he would “absolutely” remove the border wall in El Paso, Texas.

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