Dec 03

GA Rep. Charges ‘Racism’ for Stance against Lottery

Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) charged that Republicans who wanted to end the Visa Lottery immigration category were showing the “ugly head of racism.” The House later voted to end the program, while increasing visas for foreign high-tech workers. The lottery admits immigrants simply on the basis of winning a lucky lottery number. Some come from Africa.   

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Dec 03

Nearly Half of All Deported Criminal Aliens Are Repeat Offenders

Newly released figures from the Office of Immigration Statistics (OIS) identifies criminal illegal aliens are using the international border as a revolving door, and it demonstrates the fact America’s southern border remains extremely porous.

The report cites approximately 188,380 criminal illegal immigrants, an all-time high, were deported in fiscal year 2011. Perhaps even more alarming is the fact OIS said 86,699 (46 percent) of them were previously deported.

Twenty-three percent of these criminals were guilty of drug-related crimes, followed closely by traffic offences (DUI) at 20 percent. Violent crimes were committed by 12 percent of repeat illegal border crossers and finally about seven percent of criminal aliens committed burglary, larceny or fraud.

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Dec 03

Iraqi Refugee Faces Charges in Arizona Bomb Blast


A 47-year old Iraqi refugee is in federal custody Saturday in connection with an explosion at a Social Security office in Casa Grande.

A source close to the investigation says he’ll likely face a litany of federal and state explosive and arson charges on Monday.

“I’m positive in my heart and my soul he had nothing to do with this,” said Swannee Welsh

Welsh believes her neighbor, Abdul Latif Aldosary is being unfairly targeted. She says he’s a refugee from Iraq.

“I’ve never seen him with a match even, he doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, he doesn’t move, he doesn’t go to the mosque,” said Welsh.

But Saturday, federal agents were still searching Aldosary’s home at 47th Street and Lemon in Coolidge.

The 47-year old is being held in connection with an explosion at the Social Security office in Casa Grande Friday morning.

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Nov 30

DC Suburb Forces Taxpayers to Help Illegals Get Amnesty

( – Officials in Montgomery County, Maryland, an affluent suburb of Washington, D.C., voted to approve $100,000 of public money to help illegal aliens sign up for President Barack Obama’s  administrative amnesty program for certain young illegal immigrants.

The Montgomery County Council adopted the resolution on Nov. 13,  voting to begin helping the county’s illegal aliens complete the  application process for the program, which the Department of Homeland  Security describes is a “deferred action process for young people who  are low enforcement priorities.”

The $100,000 was allocated from Montgomery County’s Department of Health and Human Services.

The Council estimated that as many as 7,500 illegal immigrants would  be successfully registered for the amnesty plan, which grants new work  permits to some illegal aliens under the age of 30 who were brought to  America illegally as small children.  It is estimated that about 1  million illegal immigrants nationwide will benefit from the deferred  action process.



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Nov 30

Illegals Sue Arizona to Demand Driver’s Licenses

A group of civil-liberties and immigrant-rights organizations is expected to  file a lawsuit today challenging Gov. Jan Brewer’s executive order denying  driver’s licenses to young undocumented immigrants approved for federal work  permits under President Barack Obama’s deferred-action program.

The lawsuit would mark the first legal challenge against a state for denying  driver’s licenses to young undocumented immigrants authorized to live and work  temporarily in the U.S. under the program.

The lawsuit could affect other states that have also denied driver’s licenses  to non-citizens protected from deportation under the program, known as Deferred  Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA.

The lawsuit is expected to be filed by the Arizona and national chapters of  the American Civil Liberties Union, the Mexican American Legal Defense and  Educational Fund, and the National Immigration Law Center.

The same groups are involved in an ongoing civil-rights lawsuit challenging  Arizona’s immigration-enforcement law, Senate Bill 1070.

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Nov 29

Hispanic Caucus Outlines Immigration Goals

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus has issued a list of goals it seeks for immigration legislation. First on the list is amnesty, including a pathway to citizenship, for all illegal aliens in the country, now estimated at eleven million. The leader of the Caucus, Rubén Hinojosa (D-TX), says he will work with the Black and Asian Pacific American Caucuses to reach its goals.

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Nov 29

Obama Administration Opposes Tech Worker Bill

The Obama Administration announced it would oppose legislation in the House to increase the number of immigration visas for foreigners holding degrees in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The admistration favors these increases, but opposes the provision in the bill that would end the Visa Lottery, which admits 55,000 immigrants each year solely in the basis of winning a lucky lottery number.  




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Nov 28

Mexican President to Pressure Obama on U.S. Immigration

Mexico President-elect Enrique Pena Nieto probably will urge President Barack Obama to overhaul an immigration system that has trapped more than 6 million Mexicans without legal status when the two men meet for the first time at the White House today.

The odds for breaking a decade-long U.S. legislative impasse improved when Obama won a second term Nov. 6 with 71 percent support from Hispanic voters, according to exit polls, pressuring Republicans to either work with him or risk further alienating a growing political force.

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Nov 28

GOP Senators Offer Legalization to Children of Illegals

Moving to try to steal the immigration spotlight from Democrats, top Senate  Republicans on Tuesday introduced their own version of the Dream Act to grant  young illegal immigrants legal rights — though it wouldn’t give them a special  path to citizenship.

Sens. Jon Kyl, John McCain and Kay  Bailey Hutchison, all senior Republicans, introduced the bill as a way to  restart the immigration debate and to carve out a middle ground between sending  illegal immigrants home or granting them green cards, which is the intermediate  step to citizenship.

“We have got to get this ball rolling,” Mr.  Kyl said. “We have to have a discussion that is sensible, that is calm.”

Their bill would give young illegal immigrants a chance at legal status as  long as they are earning a college degree, serving in the military or, having  completed those steps, are holding down a job.

But reaction from those on both sides was swift and negative.

Immigrant rights advocates said the senators’ legislation, without a pathway  to citizenship, would create a group of second-class Americans. Those who favor  a crackdown on illegal immigration said any legal status would reward  lawbreaking and that it is essentially an amnesty.

Even if its chances are iffy, the legislation is symbolically significant on  several fronts.

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Nov 27

Immigrants Don’t Start More Businesses

The New York Times on November 2nd ran a column by Harvard Business School Professor Thomas McGraw claiming that immigrants are better than American natives at innovation and creating new businesses as entrepreneurs. He stated in his column that “our overly complex immigration law . . . endangers our tradition of entrepreneurship.”

Fact Check: McGraw builds his case by citing examples of innovative immigrants who created new businesses in the U.S. But he builds his case on various speculations as to why immigrants allegedly have these superior talents, rather than statistical analysis.

A good source of relevant statistics, noted the Washington-based Center for Immigration Studies, is the March 2011 Current Population Survey conducted by the Census Bureau. It found that native-born Americans, on average, have a slightly higher level of self-employment than immigrants. The percentage of the former is 11.7 percent, compared with 11.5 percent for the latter. Both self-employed groups earn approximately the same income.

The impression that immigrants generally are more likely to start and maintain businesses probably derives from the fact that certain groups of immigrants, but not all, are highly entrepreneurial. The top four countries of their origin are 1) Korea(26 percent self-employed) 2) Canada (23.2 percent self-employed) 3) United Kingdom (16.9 percent self-employed) 4) Russia (16.9 percent self-employed).

U.S.immigration policy, however, significantly discriminates against immigrants from these countries due to its reliance on family connections of immigrant applicants to previous immigrants as the leading criterion for admission. Immigrants from the four leading countries of origin during the past decade all have rates of self-employment lower than those of U.S.natives. Those countries are Mexico (8.9 percent self-employed), China 9.2 percent self-employed), India (9.9 percent self-employed) and the Philippines (5.8 percent self-employed).

On average, legal immigrants today are less skilled and educated than native-born Americans, and they are proportionately more likely to receive public assistance. Current immigration policy does not focus on admitting the most able people to contribute to our economy.

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