Effective Tracking of Visa Overstayers Is Not in Place

Forty percent of illegal aliens are not border crossers, but people who came on legal visas and then remained in the US. in violation our law. Congress authorized an effective tracking system in 2001 to determine whether visa holders leave, but it is still not operational. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) supports amnesty, but says it should not happen until a tracking system is in place. The Obama Administration has not shown particular interest in tightening the tracking system.  

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Amnesty Law Would Repeat Past Failure

Passing an amnesty for illegal aliens simply would repeat the negative consequences of previous amnesties. Also it would mean that illegal immigrants would keep American jobs, while eight percent of Americans are unemployed. Furthermore, amnesty would accelerate our rapid population growth, thereby placing great stress on our resources and infrastructure. 

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Obama Amnesty Plan Lets Illegals Bring in Family Members

WASHINGTON — A draft of a White House immigration proposal obtained by USA TODAY would allow illegal immigrants to become legal permanent residents within eight years.

The plan also would provide for more security funding and require business owners to check the immigration status of new hires within four years. In addition, the nation’s 11 million illegal immigrants could apply for a newly created “Lawful Prospective Immigrant” visa, under the draft bill being written by the White House.

If approved, they could then apply for the same provisional legal status for their spouse or children living outside the country, according to the draft.

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The Mexican Border Still Isn’t Secure

In testimony before the Homeland Security Committee in Congress, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano stated that the U.S. government has achieved “effective control of the great majority” of both the Canadian and Mexican borders.

Fact Check: Napolitano keep claiming that our borders are under effective control. This claim helps to advance the Obama Administration’s campaign for amnesty. With illegal immigration supposedly under control, says the administration, our country can afford to be lenient with the illegal aliens already here and grant them legal status.

The administration bases its assertion that the border is secure on the declining numbers of illegal aliens apprehended by the Border Patrol in recent years. The administration claims that its allegedly improved enforcement has brought this situation about. The truth, however, it has done little more than the previous administration to secure the Mexican border and has significantly undermined interior enforcement in numerous ways.

The decline in apprehensions derives mainly from the sharp economic downturn which began in 2008 and still continues. Thus a key question arises: When the U.S. economy improves, will existing border enforcement be an effective deterrent to increasing numbers of aliens trying to enter our country illegally?

Statistics two years ago from U.S. Customs and Border Protection, an agency of Napolitano’s own department, suggest otherwise. These figures, reported by the General Accountability Office (GAO), show that the U.S. government does not have “effective control” of 1,081 miles of the 1,954 mile-long Mexican border. A total of 744 miles are under “effective control,” but that only means that authorities can “reasonably ensure” that illegal crossers will be caught. Just 129 miles are under full control.

Just recently an audit by the GAO found that the Border Patrol only intercepts about 61 percent of illegal border crossers. Also, last year showed a reverse of the downward trend of apprehensions in recent years with a small increase.

The Obama Administration certainly has its reasons for wanting Americans to believe that the Mexican border is secure. But the government’s own statistics offer no reason to believe that it is.  



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ICE Union Official: Immigration Law Enforcement Agency “Crumbling”

The men and women charged with enforcing federal  immigration law are being prohibited from doing so by the Obama  administration, according to Chris Crane, president of the union that  represents officers and agents employed by the Department of Homeland  Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

“I think most Americans assume that ICE agents and officers are  empowered by the government to enforce the law,” Crane said on Wednesday  at Senate Judiciary Committee meeting on immigration reform. “Nothing  could be further from the truth.

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Sen. Marco Rubio Launches Campaign Against Immigration Restriction Groups

A new battle has flared inside the Republican Party in recent days as supporters of more-liberal immigration laws wage a behind-the-scenes campaign to discredit the influential advocacy groups that have long powered the GOP’s hard-line stance on the issue.

The campaign, largely waged in closed-door meetings with lawmakers and privately circulated documents, is another sign of how seriously many establishment Republicans are pursuing an immigration overhaul in the wake of last year’s elections, in which the GOP lost Hispanic voters by an overwhelming margin to President Obama….


(Sen. Marco) Rubio’s aides last week brought one of the organizers of the effort to undermine the groups, Mario H. Lopez, a party strategist on Hispanic politics, to a regular meeting of GOP Senate staffers, at which Lopez distributed literature about the groups’ backgrounds and connections. Rubio also raised concerns about the groups’ leanings during a recent conference call on immigration with conservative activists.

Rubio’s spokesman, Alex Conant, said the senator “has argued that some groups that oppose legal immigration should not be considered part of the conservative coalition,”

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Ryan Praises Obama’s Call for Amnesty

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) praised President Obama’s call for amnesty for illegal aliens. Ryan, who was Mitt Romney’s running mate for vice president, said that Obama’s advocacy of “comprehensive” amnesty was “productive.” He also said that he hoped that Obama’s words would be a prelude to “getting something done.” 

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Rand Paul Tells GOP to Endorse Mass Immigration

Libertarian Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), in his response to the State of the Union Address, called on Republicans to endorse mass immigration. He said that the U.S. should be open to immigrants who want to come here to work. Paul didn’t mention what impact this immgration might have on more than 20 million Americans who can’t find full-time employment.

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Feds Won’t Investigate Immigrants Who Become ‘Public Charge’ in Violation of Law

In a response letter to four top Republican lawmakers, the Department of  Homeland Security revealed it only initiated one case against an immigrant for  becoming a “public charge,” or being primarily dependent upon the government, in  fiscal year 2012. The case was later withdrawn.

While the department’s response to Republican Sens. Jeff Sessions, Chuck  Grassley, Orrin Hatch and Pat Roberts’ August oversight request offered an overview of the  centuries-old federal public-charge restrictions,  it noticeably avoided several of the senators’ direct questions and  demonstrated potentially significant inadequacies in record-keeping by  immigration officials, who legally should be enforcing public-charge rules for  immigrants both inside and outside of the country. (RELATED:  Is DHS ignoring law barring immigrants who are dependency  risks?)

The response, for example, failed to explain why immigrants are only assessed  for their potential reliance on just two of the more than 80 federal  means-tested welfare programs when the government determines if they are “public  charges” prior to their entry into the U.S. — meaning that they are likely to  become primarily dependent on federal aid for subsistence after arriving.

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Illegal Aliens Attend State of Union Address — None Arrested

WASHINGTON — A number of Democrats, including First Lady , are bringing illegal immigrants as  guests to the on Tuesday.

But a spokeswoman with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency  declined to comment to The Daily Caller on Tuesday about whether the agency  approves of this occurring at the Capitol, where Obama is set to give his annual  address on Tuesday night.

“I don’t have any comment for you on this,” Gillian Christensen, a  spokeswoman with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said after TheDC  inquired whether the agency was aware of this and whether it was possible the  guests could be arrested.

At least five Democrats are bringing illegal immigrants to the State of the  Union, according to reports:

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