Leahy Wants Senate Bill to Include Same-Sex Couples

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-VT) filed two amendments to the Senate immigration bill to benefit same-sex couples. The amendments would give them the same basic rights in immigration law as conventional married couples. Said Leahy: “For immigration reform to be truly comprehensive, it must include protections for all families. We must end the discrimination that gay and lesbian families face in our immigration law.”

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Federal Judge Orders Taxpayers to Defend Illegals Against Deportation

A federal judge in California has ordered immigration courts in three states to provide legal representation for immigrants with mental disabilities who are in detention and facing deportation, if they cannot represent themselves. The decision is the first time a court has required the government to provide legal assistance for any group of people before the nation’s immigration courts.

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Understaffed ICE Can’t Track 4.5 Million Visa Overstayers

ICE has only about 5,000 officers dedicated to enforcing immigration laws  nationally, compared to the 10,000 officers that make up the Los Angeles  Police Department, Crane said.

“We have nearly four and a half million visa overstayers in our country,” Crane said. “Five thousand officers and agents can’t deal with those kinds of  numbers. …

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Opposition to Senate Amnesty Bill Grows

The amnesty bill before the Senate is facing increasing opposition as more and more citizens discover what is in the bill. Supporters of the legislation understand this, which is why they’re trying to rush it through to passage as quickly as possible.  

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Rubio Faces Increased Skepticism for Amnesty Support

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) is facing increasing difficulty in his effort to win conservative Republican support for amnesty. When campaigning for the Senate, Rubio promised supporters that he would not support amnesty. Now many of them feel betrayed as he tries to maintain that giving legal status to illegal aliens is not amnesty.

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Report: Amnesty Bill Will Legalize More Than 30 Million Aliens

The Center for American Progress says the Senate’s pending immigration bill  will help legalize 32.5 million migrants over the next 10 years.

The estimate is only slightly less than the initial 33.5 million estimate  prepared by NumbersUSA, which opposes the bill.

Both groups produced similar estimates, but couched them very differently,  for very different political purposes.

The NumbersUSA group said their estimates were cautious, while the Center for  American Progress (CAP) group said their April 30 study shows the Senate bill  will actually reduce the current inflow of immigrants.

Their similar estimates match the May 3 prediction of a 32.7 million inflow  offered by Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, the ranking Republican on the Senate’s  banking committee, and a leading opponent of the bill.

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Heritage Foundation: Amnesty Bill to Cost Trillions

Former senator and current Heritage Foundation president Jim DeMint on Sunday predicted that the Gang’s of Eight’s immigration reform bill would be blocked “if people read the bill.”

“I think if people read the bill, that it will be blocked,” DeMint said on ABC’s This Week. “Because once you get into it, just like Obamacare, it is not the way it’s been advertised.”

DeMint also previewed the results of a Heritage Foundation study coming out next week, which will highlight the “staggering cost” of the proposed legislation — potentially “in the trillions of dollars.”

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Amnesty Isn’t a Civil Right

In an address to the Mexican-American Education Defense Fund, a stridently pro-amnesty Hispanic organization, Attorney General Eric Holder made the following statement: “Creating a pathway to citizenship for the 11 million unauthorized immigrants in this country is absolutely essential. The way we treat our friends and neighbors who are undocumented [i.e., illegal] . . . transcends the issue of immigration status. This is a matter of civil and human rights.”

Fact Check: By using the term “civil rights” Holder apparently was trying to identify the cause of illegal aliens with the black American civil rights movement of the 1960s. The comparison is totally false. The Sixties movement based its claims on the rights of citizens seeking equal treatment under the law. It stressed the significance of citizenship and the rule of law, by affirming that civil rights are the rights of citizens.

Holder in contrast is claiming almost the exact opposite, namely that foreigners who break our laws are entitled to become citizens in the name of civil rights. One can only conclude from this claim that Holder does not have a particularly high regard for citizenship or the rule of law either—a strange stance indeed for the highest law enforcement official in the country.

The attorney general does seem to value citizenship to the extent that he wants foreign lawbreakers to have it, but one cannot help noticing that most of the illegal aliens who become citizens and voters will add to the electoral clout of Mr. Holder’s political party. If Holder indeed has a concern for citizenship that transcends the political, it is hard to discern.

During the Sixties, many black Americans complained that they were “second class citizens.” When our government rewards foreigners who to break our laws while at the same time it requires citizens to obey laws or be punished, we have a society where all citizens, who are properly citizens, become second class.

As the significance of citizenship and law decline hand in hand, we can look forward to growing anarchy—followed most probably by tyranny. In that situation there will be no civil rights for anyone.

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Sen. Sessions: Amnesty ‘Dangerous’ for U.S. Workers

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) says that the Senate immigration bill, which includes amnesty for nearly 11 million illegal aliens, would pose a significant danger to the interests of American workers. Including the amnesty, the legislation will give work authorization to a total of more than 30 million foreign-born people over the next decade. Sessions observed that these numbers would lower U.S. wages and increase competition for jobs.

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Altering America: 34 Million of Mexican Heritage Live in U.S.

A record 33.7 million Hispanics of Mexican origin resided in the United  States in 2012, according to a new analysis of Census Bureau data by  the Pew Research Center. This estimate includes 11.4 million immigrants born in  Mexico and 22.3 million born in the U.S. who self-identify as Hispanics of  Mexican origin.

Mexicans are by far the largest Hispanic-origin population in the U.S., accounting for  nearly two-thirds (64 percent) of the U.S. Hispanic population in 2012.  Hispanics of Mexican origin are also a significant portion of the U.S.  population, accounting for 11 percent overall.

The size of the Mexican-origin population in the U.S. has risen dramatically  over the past four decades as a result of one of the largest mass migrations in  modern history. In 1970, fewer than one million Mexican immigrants lived in the  U.S. By 2007 it reached a peak of 12.5 million. Since then, it has declined as  the arrival of new Mexican immigrants has slowed significantly. Today, 35  percent of Hispanics of Mexican origin were born in Mexico. And while the  remaining two-thirds (65 percent) were born in the U.S., 52 percent of them have  at least one immigrant parent.

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