Jan 04

Michigan Adopts Citizenship Verification for Voters

Michigan’s Governor Rick Synder has signed a bill into law that will require voters to sign a statement to verify they are U.S. citizens.

The bill has now become law and will require Michigan voters to sign an “affirmative” statement confirming they are citizens.  Voters must also provide their address and date of birth on the statement, before getting a voting ballot.  In addition the Republican sponsored bill will also require new voters to show a photo ID when registering to vote.

The Michigan House and Senate approved the measure during the lame duck session on the last voting day of the state Legislature.  The vote for the new citizenship affirmation bill came mostly along party lines.  Republicans control the state’s Legislature.

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Jan 04

Obama May Push Amnesty This Month

An Obama Administration official says that President Obama will begin his push for amnesty legislation this month. Observers say, however, that it might take time to draft the legislation and bring it up for a vote. Some believe that this might take until June.

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Jan 03

Illegal Aliens Argue for Tax Credits

Illegal aliens are receiving billions of dollars for child tax credits, a practice illegal aliens publicly support. Often the claims are fraudulent. The IRS enables them to collect the credits by issuing them tax identification numbers.

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Jan 03

Obama Weighs Different Amnesty Strategies

President Obama may be considering two different political strategies on amnesty. One is an all-out push this year to pass a comprehensive amnesty bill. The other is purposely introducing an amnesty bill too radical to pass Congress. The president would then use its failure to rally Hispanic voter turnout in the 2014 mid-term elections.

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Jan 02

Obama Regime Seeks to Gut Arizona Law Against Harboring Ilegal Aliens

PHOENIX (AP) — Federal authorities have asked an appeals court to reject Arizona’s bid to overturn a ruling that bars enforcement of a minor section of the state’s 2010 immigration law prohibiting the harboring of illegal immigrants.

The U.S. Justice Department told the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in a Dec. 27 filing that Arizona’s harboring ban is trumped by the federal government’s broad immigration powers and that federal law already prohibits people from harboring illegal immigrants within the United States. “It is the national government that has ultimate authority to regulate the treatment of aliens while on American soil because it is the nation as a whole, and not any single state, that must respond to the international consequences of such treatment,” Justice Department lawyers said in a friend-of-the-court brief.

The federal government, which filed a lawsuit in 2010 challenging the law, filed the brief as part of a separate challenge mounted by a coalition of civil rights groups.

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Jan 02

Illegals With U.S. Relatives To Get Permanent Residency From Obama Regime

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration eased the way Wednesday for illegal immigrants who are immediate relatives of American citizens to apply for permanent residency, a change that could affect as many as 1 million of the estimated 11 million immigrants unlawfully in the U.S.

A new rule issued by the Department of Homeland Security aims to reduce the time illegal immigrants are separated from their American families while seeking legal status, immigration officials said.

Beginning March 4, when the changes go into effect, illegal immigrants who can demonstrate that time apart from an American spouse, child or parent would create “extreme hardship,” can start the application process for a legal visa without leaving the U.S.

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Jan 02

Businesses Evade Arizona’s E-Verify Law

Five years after it took effect and more than year after it was upheld by the  U.S. Supreme Court, an Arizona law requiring that businesses check the  citizenship of every new hire is often disregarded and rarely  enforced.

The Legal Arizona Workers Act mandates that every business in  the state verify the legal status of new employees against the federal E-Verify  database and it lets the state strip licenses of businesses that knowingly hire  undocumented workers.

But the Department of Homeland Security reported  that Arizona businesses used the database just 982,593 times in 2011, even  though the Census Bureau said there were 1.5 million new hires in the state that  year, a 66 percent compliance rate.

Fewer than half of Arizona businesses – 43 percent – had enrolled in the system by this month, according to Homeland  Security enrollment figures and Census Bureau statistics on the number of  Arizona businesses. That rate falls to 19 percent for businesses with four or  fewer employees, or less than one business in five.

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Dec 31

Obama Immigration Plan Linked to Election Strategy

President Barack Obama promised Dec. 30 to introduce an immigration bill  during 2013, but activists on all sides of the debate are trying to understand  his strategy.

He may be gunning for a victory in the mid-term elections by introducing a  bill so radical that it will spark an emotional controversy from whites, which  would then spur many angry Latinos to vote Democratic in the 2014 midterm  elections, said Robert de Posada, former head of a GOP-affiliated group, The  Latino Coalition.

“The word that I’ve heard from many, is [that he will] submit a very, very  liberal plan that most Republicans will not support, that most southern and  moderate Democrats will not support,” he said.

When the bill fails, “they can announce once again that they tried [and that  Latinos] need to rally in the next election,” said Posada, who helped President  George W. Bush win 40 percent of the Latino vote in 2004, during the housing  boom.

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Dec 28

Obama Regime to Allow Criminal Illegals to Stay in U.S.

The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) used the Friday before Christmas to release official word that ICE was once again narrowing its definition of who it considers a dangerous individual.

This latest change involves the process of ICE detainers, a topic addressed routinely at Front Page Magazine. ICE detainers are holds, up to two business days, that ICE places on prisoners in municipal prison. These prisoners would otherwise be let go, but because ICE wants to detain them for immigration violations, they continue being held for ICE to pick them up and process them itself. According to a memo dated December 21, 2012, ICE changed its definition of priority to receive such a detainer to someone with three misdemeanor convictions, from one misdemeanor previously.

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Dec 28

Pro-Amnesty Republicans Plot Surrender

Some Republicans are plotting to surrender their party’s opposition to amnesty, and go along with the Obama Administration’s plan to legalize most illegal aliens. They claim they need to do this to get “Hispanic votes.” They make no mention of the votes they will lose if they reward lawbreaking.  

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