One In Five In U.S. Workforce Foreign-Born

Foreign-born workers constituted 19.8% of those who were working in June, according to data released Thursday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).  The unemployment rate for the foreign-born was 4.9% compared to 5.3% for native-born Americans.  The BLS report notes that its data is not “designed to identify the legal status of workers” and cannot estimate how many undocumented aliens are working.


Millions of Americans unemployed; millions of Americans stuck in low-paying, part-time jobs; millions of discouraged Americans who want to work taking early Social Security to survive.  Millions of aliens flooding into U.S. labor market.

Corrupt politicians from both parties taking millions of dollars from special interests that want continued mass immigration.  Politicians use campaign funds for slick TV ads portraying them as deeply concerned about plight of the struggling average American – and they all promise to bring back the American Dream.

But unless something dramatically changes in 2016, the only promises the politicians will keep are to the big money men who pay them. 

Posted 7/3/15 by George Palmer


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