Obama Quietly Plans Massive Expansion of Work Permits

While most Americans were welcoming in 2016, on New Year’s Eve the Obama administration published 181 pages of proposed regulations that will allow many more aliens to work in the U.S., despite illegal status or visa restrictions currently making it illegal for them to work here.  For example, any alien filing an application for asylum will automatically be eligible to to receive a work permit.  Many aliens, including illegals, already holding work permits will get automatic two-year extensions.

One congressional aide pointed out another tactic to expand the number of aliens with work permits: “Think of it this way: the Obama administration can approve an unlimited number of green card applications, knowing they are in excess of the cap and going into the ‘backlog’ and then they can give everyone EADs [work permits], creating a kind of parallel immigration program.”

Obama’s apparent strategy, part of his goal of “fundamentally transforming” America, is to expand the number of aliens integrated into the U.S. workforce so that any future administration that attempted to enforce the immigration laws and open up jobs for Americans would face tremendous opposition from business and other interests.

Source:  http://www.onenewsnow.com/politics-govt/2016/01/02/obama-s-covert-immigration-plan-underway

Posted 1/2/16 by Margaret Hull


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