Obama Blamed for Huge Immigration Court Backlogs

U.S. immigration courts are backlogged with nearly 400,000 cases, and experts say the Obama administration is to blame. The 396,552 cases awaiting adjudication represent a 22% increase over last year, according to Syracuse University researchers. As a result, wait times are up: the average case in Imperial, CA, currently lingers over two years and three months.

Richard Kelsey, assistant dean at the George Mason University School of Law and a longtime observer of immigration issues, said the problem starts at the White House. “The president has telegraphed that he is going to take some kind of action (on immigration), so neither the courts nor the prosecutors are killing themselves to get things done,” Kelsey told Watchdog.org in an interview. http://dailysignal.com/2014/09/12/u-s-immigration-courts-have-huge-backlogs-leading-to-long-waits-for-trials/

Also contributing to the backlog is the awareness by apprehended illegals that Obama is planning a mass amnesty and already has a policy of only deporting illegals captured in the interior of the U.S. if they are convicted violent criminals or security threats. As a result, illegal aliens who in the past routinely accepted a quick “voluntary departure”, now make some legal claim, no matter how flimsy, and are released with their promise to appear back in court.

Posted 9/13/14 by Margaret Hull


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