NYT: Immigration Pause Threatens “Vibrant Multiculturalism”

Pro-immigration forces both within and outside the United States are protesting loudly President Trump’s thus-far-mild restrictions on immigration.

Indian immigrants displaying “vibrant multiculturalism” in New York City, 2016 (DNYUZ.com)

An immigration lawyer named Aaron Reichlin-Melnick has labeled the move “economic madness” and warned that interrupting the importation of H-2B blue-collar workers would result in the “collapse” of Maryland’s blue crab industry(!) What’s more, he charged, restrictions on the issuance of Optional Practical Training (OPT) work permits would “hurt the tech industry.”

As Neil Munro points out in a May 9 piece on Breitbart News, there are at least 25 million Americans out of work. The real madness would be in importing hundreds of thousands of foreign workers to take jobs that those unemployed could benefit from. Maybe that would be a way to save the crabcakes.

Another immigrant-friendly spokesman, Todd Schulte, the director of FWD.us, a political advocacy group of wealthy West Coast investors, denies the reputed popularity of immigration restrictions, as evidenced by statements and letters by Republican lawmakers. “The bluff that this is popular comes from the political geniuses behind DACA repeal & family separation!” he tweeted May 8.

The demand on the part of American citizenry to restrict the importation of foreign workers in this crisis is no “bluff.” Poll after poll has shown that the public supports such moves and would welcome even more aggressive measures. A Rasmussen poll conducted April 22-23 showed, for example, that 57 percent of 1,000 likely voters approve of the President’s actions. A Washington Post poll conducted April 21-26 found that 65 percent of Americans wanted all immigration temporarily halted. A March poll by Pew Research found that 81 percent consider mass immigration a threat. An April Ipsos poll revealed that 79 percent want all immigration stopped. And so on.

So restricting foreign workers is said to be madness, and public support is said to be a bluff, but maybe the most ludicrous of charges has came from–you guessed it–the New York Times. On the day of Trump’s order, the Times published an article by their Indian correspondents, bemoaning the possibility that Trump’s actions would be “cutting into the vibrant multiculturalism that has made the United States such an attractive destination for decades.” [Emphasis added.]

The arrogance of such a statement is beyond stunning. “Vibrant multiculturalism” indeed. Maybe those 25 million unemployed Americans could do with a little less of that in exchange for the opportunity to feed their families. Think about it, NYT.

For more, see Breitbart News.

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