No more! Portland, ME, Says “Pas Plus!” to Migrants

As we’ve reported at various times, such as here and here, Portland, Maine, has become in recent years the preferred destination and dumping ground for illegal African migrants newly arrived in the United States. The city has seemed insatiable in its hunger for more, believing them to be the solution to the dropping birth rate among native Mainers, as well as, let’s say, a perceived deficit in native Maine human capital. As recently as last month, for example, we called attention to a Portland TV special entitled, “Immigration could hold key to Maine’s economy, advocates say.”

What a difference a few weeks make.

Imagine the surprise the city fathers of San Antonio, TX, felt last week when Portland officials responded to  their proposal to export to the Pine Tree State hundreds of French-speaking migrants from the Congo and Angola. “Please don’t send us any more,” Portland said, in effect, crying “Pas plus!” (No more!).

This batch of migrants are part of the 500 apprehended just this past week by U.S. Border Patrol and which we reported on a couple of days ago in a post entitled “African Migrants Surge.”

Maine’s loss is Texas’s gain, as it were, and San Antonio officials have had to scramble to assemble a support system for their new residents, including hiring French-speaking interpreters.

Meanwhile, we’re left to wonder what’s gotten into Portland.

For more, including a video report, see Breitbart News.



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