Mar 13

News from South of the Border

Here’s a very abbreviated rundown on events in Mexico in the past few days. Each of the following reports has come across within the last week:

Teen Migrant Claims She Was Repeatedly Raped During Journey to U.S.

Two Dead in Southern Mexico After Gunmen Attack Migrant Caravan

19 migrants kidnapped from bus in Mexico: president

‘Child Recycling’ Rings Smuggle Migrants into U.S., Says DHS

Five arrested in Cancun kidnapping of 39 Cubans

If you need more , check out “Cartel Chronicles” on Breitbart News.

Having said that, here’s an obvious item that would have gone without saying:

Mexican Top Cop: Security Is Deficient Throughout Country

The fact is, our neighbor to the south is a failed state, and has been throughout its existence.  Though the percentage of illegals actually from Mexico sneaking into the United States has decreased, that is only because those from the countries immediately to Mexico’s south–Guatemala,  Honduras, El Salvador–have skyrocketed. The percentage of illegals in the U.S. who are Mexican nationals is still more than 50%.

Were there no Central American caravans from those countries, there would still be ample reason for a wall between ourselves and the murderous and corrupt failed state that is Mexico.


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