News Flash: Living in America NOT One of the Universal Rights of Man

American Leftists Demanding More Immigrants

Large numbers of people, most of them from Central America but many others from a wide range of the world’s countries, are learning today a bitter lesson: they were not actually born with a right to live in the United States.

This is in spite of what they’ve been told for years: by leftist American politicians and NGOs, by preachers and academics, by human-smuggling gangs, by their own governments hungry for remittances, and by countless immigration lawyers. These people and groups have cruelly and shamelessly egged on the migrants and “asylum seekers,” assuring them that if they only pay the smugglers’ fees and get to the border with one or more minor children they can claim as their own, they will be admitted, undergo a day or two of processing, receive a court date no one believes they will honor, then be allowed to disappear into Los Angeles or Atlanta or Chicago or any of thousands American cities and towns.

Thereafter, they can look forward to (relatively) high-paying jobs in construction or meat packing or landscaping or hotel housekeeping or the like, get paid under  the table in American dollars, and benefit from free healthcare at the local ER, free education for their children, even free citizenship for their children born here, and a life relatively secure and comfortable under the wing of a guilt-obsessed elite anxious to assuage that guilt and at the same time benefit from the (relatively) cheap labor they’ve imported.

But, as we said above, that was all a ruse, a cruel hoax perpetrated on them by those elites and their cohorts, some of whom we mentioned above.  There is nowhere in the Constitution or anywhere else outside the fevered imagination of the Left that says it has to be that way. The border need not be so easily crossed. The system need not be so easily gamed.  And one program that demonstrates those facts is the “Remain-in-Mexico” policy.

We’ve discussed Remain in Mexico often in this space since its inception last winter, and in spite of vehement opposition to it from the pro-immigration side, it does seem to be working.

Briefly, Remain in Mexico requires asylum seekers, after processing on the U.S. side of the border, to be returned to Mexico, where they must wait until their case is finally adjudicated, which could take months or years.  Approximately 20,000 would be asylees have been returned to Mexico under the provisions of this policy since it was implemented in February.  To escape the program, the asylum seekers are entitled to a “Fear of Returning to Mexico” hearing, where they may plead their case if they claim to be afraid not only of their home country but of Mexico as well.  If denied, they are even entitled to a second such hearing. Most of these hearings are unsuccessful, however.

The San Diego Union Leader quotes Kennji Kizuka, a senior researcher with Human Rights First, as estimating that only one percent of those in the Remain in Mexico program have successfully argued their appeals to await their court cases in the United States.

What is the upshot of all this?

Since Remain in Mexico was implemented, the numbers of migrants waiting in Mexico has grown to at least 40,000, according to the Associated Press, with more being added every day.  This includes not only those migrants officially in the program but those lingering in Mexican border towns, unsure of their next step. The migrants and their many enablers endlessly complain of mistreatment, but they neglect one particularly cogent fact: The vast majority of would-be asylees are coming to America for economic reasons, not out of fear of oppression in their home countries. And economic reasons do not qualify for asylum, by international law.  These people have been duped by their alleged supporters, often into paying their life savings to smugglers and risking their families’ lives on a myth, the myth that living in America is some kind of natural right of all men.

It is not.

For more see, the San Diego Union Leader.


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