New Caravan Headed to U.S.?

The government of Mexico has confirmed rumors started on social media last month that a new caravan of migrants is forming in Honduras with the intention of heading north toward Mexico and the United States.

Stock photo of caravan

The caravan is forming in the city of San Pedro Sula and is expected to depart in mid-January.

Unlike early 2019 when numerous caravans traveled through Mexico, the country now has an agreement with the United States to offer admittance to migrants wishing to settle in Mexico but to turn back and deport to their home countries those intending to enter the United States.

Olga Sánchez Cordero, Mexico’s Minister of the Interior, reiterated that people who have no intention of staying in Mexico will be transferred back to their country of origin.

Caravans have become a favorite means of travel for Central American migrants intent on finding a way into the United States, as they offer some degree of safety from bandits and kidnappers. Nevertheless, as the Mexican newspaper El Nueve Herald states, “it is estimated that many Hondurans travel by bus alone or with family members every day to the United States.”

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