Mississippi Raids Were Justified

The Quote Below: Most Misinformation from the Media:

Less than a week after the worst massacre targeting Latinos in modern U.S. history, the Latino community was jolted again Wednesday by one of the biggest Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids ever. ICE’s arrests of 680 unauthorized immigrants working at seven Mississippi chicken-processing plants, coming on the first day of school, led to a new round of videos of innocent, vulnerable Latino children who had been forcibly separated from their parents on top of the thousands in the custody of the Border Patrol. . . .

Of course, in the eyes of President Donald Trump and his supporters, the dad got what he deserved, and if his family suffers as a result, it’s no one’s fault but the dad’s. This cold-hearted view is void of compassion, yes, but here are two points that show just how out of touch it is with U.S. economic realities. . . .

The first point is that America has a huge shortage of workers, and that hundreds of thousands of unauthorized immigrants who work in difficult jobs such as slaughtering chickens are filling low-wage jobs that most U.S. citizens disdain. . . . — Editorial: U.S. Needs the Workers That ICE Targeted, San Diego Union-Tribune, Editorial Board, 8/9/19 [Link]

Fact Check of Above Quote: This article begins by absurdly conflating a mass shooting with the actions of duly appointed agents carrying out their legal duties. The shooting victims and the apprehended illegal aliens were both Latino, but the similarity ends there. One action was criminal, the other legal and legitimate. And why should the “Latino community” (if we define that as Latino citizens), be “jolted” by enforcement against foreign lawbreakers? This article seems to suggest that Latino citizens should value their ethnicity more than their nationality.

As is so common with this type of article, the writer seeks to manipulate and milk sympathy for illegal aliens—with particular reference to separation of family members. Those who remain skeptical are said to lack “compassion.” In this particular case in Mississippi, however, ICE agents took great care to ensure that parents and children were not separated. Yes, they suffered inconvenience, but law enforcement doesn’t exist to promote convenience for lawbreakers. The mainstream media’s compassion toward illegal immigrants seldom if ever extends to American citizens. Their attitude toward those fellow citizens is “cold-hearted” indeed.

The claim about jobs “most Americans won’t do” is false. In almost every job category native-born Americans are the majority of workers. Unfortunately, we have many employers who make it difficult for Americans to do jobs by hiring illegal aliens and thereby lowering wage levels. After the raids in Mississippi, Americans showed up at the plants seeking work. Often after raids of this type, the plants that previously hired illegal aliens raise wages to attract American workers.

Cheap labor interests and their journalistic shills will never cease to proclaim that America faces a “labor shortage,” even in the face of current predictions that as many as 30 percent of U.S. jobs now done by humans could be automated within the next ten years or so. Perhaps these shills would be a little less enthusiastic about immigration if immigrants were competing to take their jobs as editors and writers.


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