Mexico Steps Up Immigration Enforcement

In response to the deal just negotiated between Mexico and the U.S., the Mexican government, thrilled at having evaded President Trump’s threatened tariff, does seem to have stepped up enforcement of its own laws.

For example, on Sunday Mexican National Guardsmen stopped the freight train known as La Bestia near Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas, a city north of the Mexico-Guatemala border. Most of the at least 200 Central American migrants riding on top escaped into the surrounding woods, but about 25 were apprehended.  Although most of the illegals escaped, the actual interdiction of the train was unusual and perhaps marks a change in government policy regarding a law that’s been in effect since 2014.

In addition, checkpoints just north of the border with Guatemala were being manned over the weekend and illegals were being apprehended and, presumably, held for deportation back to their home countries.

Curiously, according to an  NPR correspondent,  the border itself– the Suchiate River–was not being protected on the weekend and migrants were free to cross unmolested on rafts into southern Mexico.

Meanwhile, speaking to CNBC today, President Trump, who has suspended the threat of a tariff but not canceled it, credited that threat with having compelled Mexico’s quick acceptance of the deal just concluded.  In that interview, the President also echoed a rumor, as yet unsubstantiated, that Mexico will move 6000 National Guardsmen to that border in an unprecedented attempt to seal it.

For more, see the Washington Examiner.


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