Mexico Begins Deporting Some Migrants

As we reported on April 26,  migrants being held at a detention center in Tapachula, Chiapa, staged a riot in the midst of which some 1300 escaped. Most were re-captured and now we learn that at least some of the rioters have begun to be deported back to their home countries.  Ninety-three of the deportees, all Cubans, were put on a plane on Thursday, bound for Cuba.

Today, another 77 Cuban migrants were bused from the Tapachula center to the airport.

Cuban migrants in particular have acquired the reputation of being confrontational, as we reported here on February 16.  One Panamanian made the following observation at that time:

“They came shouting ‘freedom’ and demanding free food and medicine. Let’s send them back to their island and see if they complain like they do here,” she said.

Fox News is reporting that Cuba is not the only non-Central American country supplying migrants, however.  A Fox news team allowed into a separate camp noted citizens of Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Angola, Uganda, and Congo.

The Fox News reporter summed up the situation this way: “The word that our borders are open, that catch-and-release will let you stay in America, has gone global.”

For more, see Fox News.


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