Mexican Collapse Continues as Murderous Gangs Run Wild in Juarez

The Cereso prison is only about 10 miles from downtown El Paso

In further evidence of the collapse of Mexican society and law enforcement, Tuesday night in Juarez, Mexico, just across the border from El Paso, Texas, was described by authorities as a “night of terror.” Within the space of a few hours, roving gangs murdered at least eight persons and set fire to 15 vehicles, 10 of them city buses. The mayor and police chief singled out a prison gang called the “Mexicles” as the instigators of the violence, although the gang leaders are behind bars in the local Cereso 3 state prison, which is a headquarters for drug lords.

According to police, the whole affair was planned by the gang as a warning to the government not to follow through with a planned raid on the prison by 850 military, federal, state, and local officers that had recently arrived in the city. Nevertheless, the raid was carried out as scheduled the next day with no apparent opposition from the inmates. Authorities claimed victory as the raids were underway and announced that the Mexicles were “diminished.”

The Mexicles gang, which also operates in Texas and other American prisons, has for years controlled much of the Cereso prison. The Texas Observer in 2011 reported, after a prison riot that killed 17, that drug gangs share among themselves the control of the prison. The Mexicles gang controls one section, the Aztecas another, and the Sinaloa cartel a third.

Cereso is an example of a rapidly growing class of Mexican prison: the self-ruled, i.e. run by the inmates. A report by the National Human Rights Commission in 2011 found that at least 37 percent of Mexican prisons were at that time self-ruled, up from 30 percent just two years earlier. The Prison Insider website now reports that 65 percent of prisons in Mexico are currently self-ruled.

The pattern is inescapable. Mexico is a failed state and is failing faster every year. The chaos and lawlessness prevailing there constitute a clear and present danger to the United States, making leftist open-borders policies even more lunatic than they would be otherwise.

For more, see the KETK-TV website.


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