Mayor Pete Pandering to DACAs . . . and Brushing Up on Spanish 101

Pete Buttigieg, the most famous former mayor of any medium-sized Midwestern city in America, has been campaigning out west this week among the Dreamers. And what else can one do among the Dreamers but speak their lingo?

Headline from Breitbart News. Watch the video at the link below.

He’s trying anyway. Mayor Pete’s first linguistic essay into Espanol occurred back in New Hampshire when he gave a speech celebrating his second-place finish in the primary there by imagining a forlorn Dreamer lying in bed at night wondering if America belongs to her. The Mayor’s answer: “¡Este país también es tu país!” This country is your country too!

He continued his pandering to DACAs (Do they actually vote yet?) in Nevada on Thursday when speaking at a Latino town hall. A little awkwardly, he opened things up with a linguistic stumble, saying in Spanish, “Thanks for inviting us to speak…,” then searching vainly for “esta tarde” he fell back on the old reliable but so uncool English, “…this evening.”

The audience laughed, Pete blamed the stumble on lack of sleep, and the town hall got rolling.

Before long, a DACA recipient identifying himself as a student at the College of Southern Nevada (more on that just below) asked Buttigieg about the future of the Dreamer program. This permitted Pete to give a long, soulful answer, in English and filled with pauses conveniently allowing for applause, promising not only continuance of the program for illegal aliens but expanding it so that U.S. citizenship is guaranteed. Because, he repeated, “This is your country too.” Evidently reassured, the student fell back into Spanish in his response, giving Buttigieg the opportunity to reply in kind.

It is a sign of the times that candidates for the American presidency don’t even use the language of America anymore except when they falter, as Buttigieg did, in his opening remarks. We can be sure that he’ll be practicing and practicing for his next bilingual opportunity.

(Meanwhile, just a word on the College of Southern Nevada. It’s the largest institute of higher learning in Nevada, a two-year, heavily diverse [27 percent Hispanic], school in Las Vegas, headed by one Federico Zaragoza. It most recently made the news, in 2018, when a member of the Sociology faculty came down with Trump Derangement Syndrome [TDS] so severe that he shot himself on campus to protest the President. The protest seemed a bit half-hearted, though, seeing as how Trump is still President and as how the professor only used a .22 and only shot himself in the arm. Still, he made his statement, for which he was charged with shooting a gun on campus and apparently discharged from the college.)

So it goes in 21st-century America. For more, see Breitbart News.


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