Mass Immigration Weakens National Strength

The Quote Below: More Misinformation from the Media

“The answer may have as much to do with demography as with policy. Although we often fixate on military spending and GDP as markers of America’s position vis-à-vis China and Russia, a country’s demographic profile critically impacts its ability to generate that wealth and power. . . .

“America’s demographic future is more fragile than the numbers indicate. Projected increases in population are heavily dependent on one of the country’s hidden underrated advantages: high levels of immigration. But if current trends are any indication, the U.S. could easily squander its demographic advantages by enacting draconian immigration restrictions or simply destroying its image as a country that welcomes ambitious newcomers. Conversely, if the proportion of immigrants continues to rise while the white population shrinks, xenophobia and race-based politics could become more common and more toxic. If the U.S. is to keep its demographic edge, it will have to find ways of reconciling two competing imperatives: refreshing the population through immigration while preserving social and political stability.” – America’s Big Advantage Over China and Russia: Demographics. But the U.S. Needs to Keep Birth Rates and Immigration rising, Hal Brands, Bloomberg, 3/24/19 [Link]

Fact Check of Quote: One thing to be said for this article is that, unlike most pro-immigration articles, it does concede that mass immigration could have some downsides. In this case, it is the possible loss of “social and political stability.” The truth, however, is that this is not mere possibility, but a certainty. Unending mass immigration is impossible to reconcile with stability.

Mass immigration is remaking our country in the image of the mainly third World immigrants who are coming here. Our current immigration policy is one of “importing poverty” and promoting a level of diversity that is weakening our civic ties and social cohesion. A perfect example is California, the state with the highest percentage and numbers of immigrants. Before mass immigration it was a place where Americans wanted to move, with a vibrant middle class, excellent infrastructure, social harmony, and wild-open uncrowded spaces.

Today it is a place that many native-born citizens have left or want to leave. Like a Third world country, it has extremes of wealth and poverty—with not much in between. Infrastructure is in decline, and diversity has become divisive. In many parts of the state, open spaces and easy movement by auto are distant memories. What California has become is what the rest of the U.S. is becoming.

With respect to national defense, the relevant question to ask is whether a divided and balkanized America will be in any position to compete with Russia, China, or anyone else. In our country mass immigration and the ideology of multiculturalism feed off each other. The multiculturalists in our schools and media hail the passing of traditional America and point to immigration as to why this must happen. In many cases, they are glad this is occurring because they view America as a flawed country that needs to be replaced.

Regardless of whatever problems Russia and China may have, they do not have subversive elites in key positions telling their young people to despise their native lands. And with a lack of mass immigration, Russia will remain Russian and China will remain Chinese. As united and culturally cohesive countries, they will have a tremendous edge over any country silly enough to believe that “diversity is our strength.”


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