Leftist Lawyers Advise Biden on Refugees

The International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP), an organization of left-wing lawyers partially funded by U.S. taxpayers, has issued a 90-page document detailing recommendations to Joe Biden about how to rebuild the refugee racket should the old-timer become President in January.

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The document, titled “Expanding Complementary Pathways for Refugees and Displaced Persons: A Blueprint for the U.S. Government,” is packed with suggestions, requests, and admonitions to the possible new chief executive about what he should do to un-do all the alleged damage the current White House occupant has done to the refugee industry.

Ann Corcoran today reveals some of IRAP’s recommendations on her Refugee Resettlement Watch website. Quoting Aljazeera, Corcoran writes:

IRAP released recommendations on Friday for the incoming Biden administration to address refugee and asylum seeker admissions into the country – and “rebuild” that federal admissions programme. The US Refugee Admissions Program was severely limited under the Trump administration, which has enacted increasingly restrictive refugee admission quotas and slashed refugee acceptance by more than 80 percent from the last year of former President Barack Obama’s administration.

In Corcoran’s words, those actions by Trump were designed to “slow the flow of poverty, disease, and potential terrorists to your towns and cities.” The IRAP lawyers are saying those efforts must stop and the refugee racket must be rebuilt. To that end the IRAP document breaks their recommendations down into to no fewer than six categories:

  • Family Reunification. The new president should “issue a clear policy statement establishing the position of the Executive Branch that family unity is a national priority, and that it is socially and economically beneficial to the United States to reunite people
    living in the U.S. with family members whose physical or mental safety is threatened outside the U.S.”
  • Humanitarian Parole. This is a neat, stopgap policy that enables individuals otherwise ineligible for refugee admission to nevertheless obtain it by declaring some sort of “emergency” situation. Among other actions, the new executive should restart the “Filipino World War II Veterans Parole Program.”
  • Special Immigrant Visas. These have to do with protecting theoretically U.S.-friendly foreign nationals in places like Iraq and Afghanistan. (A much better solution to the problem would be to avoid useless foreign wars.)
  • Private Sponsorship. The emphasis here is to make sure private sponsorships be in addition to those of the government variety, i.e, they should be gravy.
  • Labor Pathways. The new president should work with Congress to create yet another new non-immigrant visa category, of which there are already more than one hundred.
  • Educational Pathways. Create another student visa category, with far fewer requirements than existing visas, which would–among other outright gifts–qualify the recipient for a green card after only one year of “academic study,” a veritable open invitation to fraud.

Corcoran quotes Aljazeera again, this time in regard to the Democrat candidate’s promises:

He promised to set a refugee admissions target of 125,000 a year and work with Congress to establish a minimum admissions number of at least 95,000 refugees annually in June, on World Refugee Day, in line with historical averages. [Emphasis added.]

Apparently, Biden feels confident he can always find enough of the world’s rejects to fulfill this minimum requirement. Given the open invitation he’s planning to issue, we’re sure he’s right about that.

For more, see Refugee Resettlement Watch.


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