Left Radicals Try to Hide Their Agenda

“West and Gaffney are not the first on the far-right this year to warn of immigrant’s [sic] alleged obsession with big government. In February the Eagle Forum put out a report warning that an increased number of immigrants [sic] voters will lead to the demise of the Republican Party, and, in turn, the country. . . . Given Gaffney’s nativist fervor, it’s unsurprising he would use conspiracy to vilify children fleeing violence and warn of them changing the country for the worst.” – Imagine 2050, July 15, 2014

Fact Check: Imagine 2050 is a radical leftist website. As such, its writings are consistent with the hard left’s goal of replacing traditional America with an authoritarian left-wing regime. One of the strategies it uses to destabilize the existing order legal and illegal. Documenting this strategy is William Hawkins’ book Importing Revolution.

The plan is to bring in as many people as possible, keep them as poor and unassimilated, then use them as a voting bloc for the “progressive,” i.e., leftist goal of authoritarian government. The “diversity” brought about by mass immigration assists this goal by creating a chaotic divided society where a strong government will seem to be the only way to maintain order.

Obviously, the “progressives” doesn’t want people of understand their strategy, which explains Imagine 2050’s attack against Diana West and Frank Gaffney, columnists who are trying to expose it. In typical radical-left fashion, Imagine 2050 tries to distort the message and smear the messengers.

West and Gaffney maintain that the recent breakdown of border security, evidenced by the surge of Central American youths into the U.S., reflects the overall refusal of the Obama Administration to do anything about illegal immigration—a refusal based on gaining political advantage for the left. Imagine 2050 twisted their stance to suggest that West and Gafffney were spinning “conspiracy theories” designed to “vilify” to the illegal alien youths.

In point of fact, it is no theory or speculation that Obama has consistently undermined immigration law enforcement. And it is no conspiracy theory that “progressive” leftists view immigration as a means to establish political dominance. One of their leading political theorists, Robert Creamer, explicitly advocates this strategy in his book, Stand Up Straight: How Progressives Can Win.

And it is not just in America where radical leftists promote immigration as a means to power. Andrew Neather, a top advisor to Great Britain’s Labour Party Prime Minister Tony Blair, admitted that Labour encouraged mass immigration as a means of swamping the conservative opposition.

Along with distorting what West and Gaffney reveal, Imagine 2050 resorts to the kind of name calling that the hard left commonly uses to discredit its opponents, in this instance referring to West and Gaffney as “nativists.” And just what is so about bad being a native or working to uphold one’s native land and culture? The radicals never explain. They just want everyone to believe that “nativists” are bad people.

So are we to assume that they are good people, even as they strive to overturn America in their pursuit of power? That’s pretty hard to imagine.




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