Law Enforcement Isn’t Terror

The Quote Below: More Misinformation from the Media:

“President Donald Trump says he agreed to hold off on multi-city immigration raids to round up people without legal status in the United States to give Democrats and Republicans two weeks to come up with a comprehensive solution to the nation’s immigration problems. Don’t be fooled. He has no interest in actually reforming America’s immigration system on some kind of bi-partisan basis. All he wants to do is thrill his political base by conducting a systematic campaign of terror on immigrants. . . .

“That’s what it has amounted to in Baltimore and nine other cities that were reportedly due to be raided in the early morning hours on Sunday. Despite efforts of religious and community leaders to show support for immigrants and inform them of their rights should Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials try to take them into custody, many immigrant families were scared into hiding. Advocates in Miami reported ‘fear and chaos’ among immigrant families. . . . ‘The effect is terror,’ a Southern California immigration rights advocate told the L.A. Times. . . .

“But at no point has he expressed the slightest concern about the human cost of pounding on doors in American cities on a Sunday morning and rounding people up for deportation, likely splitting families apart and spreading fear through entire communities. Nor has he considered what is a proportionate response for people whose only crime, typically, is entering this country and trying to stay here. On the contrary, he promises his reign of terror has only just begun: Two weeks and big Deportation begins!” – Trump’s Campaign of Terror against Immigrants, Editorial Board, Baltimore Sun, 6/24/19 [Link]

Fact Check of Quote Above: This editorial for uncontrolled migration, like so many of its kind, does a masterful job of evading some key realities. What are they?

Number One: The United States does not have the capacity and resources to accommodate every foreigner who wants to come here. According to a recent Gallup poll, nearly 160 million people from other countries would like to move to the United States. With their spouses and minor children in tow, the total number could easily equal around 320 million—approximately the current population of the U.S. If they got the green light to enter, hundreds of millions of others might decide to come too.

Number Two: Recognizing that there must be limits on immigration, American citizens. through their elected representatives. have established what those limits should be. If citizens cannot direct government policy on matters of public concern including immigration, then our citizenship is of little importance.

Number three: Some foreigners do not respect our rule of law, and they attempt to cut in line in front of legal immigrants and settle here illegally—thereby taking jobs and resources from American citizens. These people are lawbreakers, a fact media pundits typically try to sugarcoat by referring to them as “undocumented” or “without legal status”—as if their willful violation of our law was no more than a matter of paperwork and legal technicality.

Number Four: The only way to stop these foreigners from defying our rule of law is to enforce the law that requires their deportation. Anything less encourages more illegal immigration. Law enforcement is never pleasant for law breakers, but their discomfort hardly qualifies as a “campaign of terror.”

Why do media outlets like the Sun typically ignore these four realities? A definite possibility is that they are in the thrall of economic and political interests. These interests seem to promote mass immigration, legal and illegal, for cheap labor and cheap votes—with little concern for the ultimate consequences of their selfish pursuits. If this theory is correct, it is understandable why they would belittle the significance of citizenship, and all it entails.

The “mainstream” media, to cover whatever questionable agendas they have, commonly feign great humanitarian concern for foreign migrants. Little of this “compassion” extends to the concerns of ordinary Americans.



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