L.A. Sheriff’s Department Infiltrated by Gangs

For decades, Latin American countries have had to deal with the problem of gangs or militias being active within their own police departments.  The city of Los Angeles, California, is 47.5 percent Latino. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department employs 10,000 officers,  and 45 percent of them are Latino, closely corresponding to the city’s overall demographics.

We are not shocked, therefore, to learn that the FBI is now investigating reports of gang activity within the L.A. sheriff’s department. Going by such names as Banditos, Spartans, Regulators, and Reapers, the gangs tend to adopt identifying tattoos. The Banditos, for example, employ a tattoo design of a skull accompanied by sombrero, bandolier, and pistol.

Gangs in L.A. law enforcement are no more recent than those in Latin America, and not all gangs are exclusively Latino.  Twenty years ago, for example, the L.A. Times published a story regarding the “Lynwood Vikings,  a “neo-Nazi, white supremacist gang.”  But circumstances today point primarily to a Latino origin.

On July 10, the Times reported that the Banditos, attached to the East L.A. station have been using “gang-like tactics to recruit young Latino deputies” into their gang.  The Times states that the FBI investigation began earlier this year when another, non-gang group at the East L.A. station filed a complaint charging the Banditos, who control much of the station’s day-to-day  work, with endangering the lives of officers “by not sending backup to help on dangerous calls,  [enforcing]  illegal arrest quotas and [carrying] out other forms of harassment.”

One specific charge had to  do with a fight that took place last September between Banditos and an out-numbered group of non-gang officers, some whom suffered injuries.

Latin America is the world’s most violent region. The Washington Post reports that “just four countries in the region — Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela — account for a quarter of all the murders on Earth,” a staggering fact. Importing actual criminals into the U.S. is surely bad enough, but to import a culture that breeds criminal gangs within law enforcement is madness.

For more, see Breitbart News.


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