Koch Teams with Soros

Charles Koch, one half of the billionaire Koch Brothers duo, sponsored a summit this past week in Colorado Springs of his umbrella organization “Stand Together.”

Within Stand Together, Koch finances a network of organizations promoting his numerous political causes, including what he calls “immigration reform.” One organization within this network concerned with immigration is called “Americans for Prosperity (AFP).”  Senior vice president of AFP is one Jorge Lima, who spoke at the Colorado Springs affair.

The U.S. immigration system is “broken,” Lima announced and is “hurtful to American citizens and immigrants alike. It keeps out too many good people who would contribute to this country, and incentivizes illegal entry.” In response, this fall the AFP will “launch a major new campaign to build more empathy” and will team “up with many more partners.”

Charles Koch (left) and George Soros

Lima didn’t identify the new partners, but among them just might be a surprising new ally from the billionaire ranks: George Soros.

Because, also at last week’s “summit,” Koch announced that he and Soros have embarked upon a new joint “anti-war” project they call the “Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft,” borrowing the name from President John Quincy Adams who warned against going abroad “in search of monsters.”

It turns out there’s no need to go abroad; we seem to have enough of our own right here.

Turning anti-war would seem to be an about-face for both billionaires. As the libertarian website Europe Reloaded points out, Koch has been a major donor to the “Iraq-raping think tank American Enterprise Institute,” while Soros is a major supporter of the NATO narrative management firm Atlantic Council, which has conducted a p.r. campaign against Russia. Suddenly, going anti-war is raising a few eyebrows and not a little skepticism.

Oddly, the Kochs and Soros have collaborated before: on supporting Black Lives Matter in 2016 in freeing federal prisoners, for example.

With this latest scheme, pacifists or not, Koch and Soros are both solidly in the open-borders camp, and if they’re no longer in favor of invading the world, we can be sure they still support inviting it.  So an open-borders  alliance between the two (or three, if brother David joins in) wouldn’t surprise us a bit.


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