Julian Castro Uses LGBTQ Migrants as Pawns in Campaign Stunt

Julian Castro, who is barely hanging on in the Democratic primary race, staged a campaign stunt on the southern border on Monday using 12 would-be immigrants as pawns.

Castro Tweets Victory before Hearing That His Pawns Had Already Been Returned

Anxious to prove the Trump administration not only hates immigrants but really hates gay or disabled immigrants, Castro led a group of homosexual and disabled “asylum seekers” across the border from Matamoros into Brownsville, Texas, where they were taken into custody.

Each member of the group had made the attempt previously and had been returned by U.S. officials as part of the Migrant Protection Protocols or “Remain in Mexico” policy. Since its implementation last winter, the policy has caused some 50,000 asylum seekers to wait out their court adjudication in Mexico, rather than in the United States, where they would be free simply to disappear into the country.

Castro, who maintains that LGBTQ and disabled migrants are especially hard hit by the policy, came to the border to grandstand on behalf of no less than three important Democrat constituencies: the gay, the disabled, and the third-world immigrant.

After bravely leading the little band of twelve into the arms of the Border Patrol and satisfied with the media attention and the assurances he claimed to receive from officials that they would have their cases heard right away, Castro left the border en route to the next campaign stop.

The migrants, having served their purpose, were once again returned to Mexico a few hours later.

For more, see UPI.



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