John Tanton, Immigration Reform Pioneer, Passes Away

We are sorry to learn of the  passing of John Tanton, a pioneer in the area of immigration control and a man who foresaw early on the need for serious immigration policy changes in the U.S. His death, at the age of 85, came Tuesday at his home in Petoskey, Michigan.

Peter Brimelow of Vdare Tweets on Dr. Tanton’s Death

Daniel Stein, president of Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), said in a press release: “John exemplified what it means to be a citizen of a free country. The relentless need to inquire, to understand, to shape and guide – all in the service of the greater public good. He always used to say, ‘a good deal of life is trying to figure out what to do until the undertaker comes.’”

Dr. Tanton (he was an ophthalmologist by profession) knew instinctively what to do during that time. Over the years, he created, co-founded, and/or chaired a remarkably large number of influential organizations, among them:

  • Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)
  • Center for Immigration Studies
  • NumbersUSA
  • U.S. English and ProEnglish
  • The Social Contract Press
  • U.S. Inc.

Dale Herder, chairman of the board of U.S. Inc, made the following announcement on behalf of the family:

“Dr. Tanton’s long illness ended Tuesday, July 16th, shortly after 1 p.m. local time. He will be missed by everyone in our office and by our community.  His leadership as an environmentalist, and as a population and immigration expert, has inspired thinkers and leaders in our nation for over half a century.”

For the 2017 Vdare article mentioned above, see “Univision Discovers John Tanton.”


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