Is Immigration the Issue that Could Defeat Hillary Clinton?

Columnist T. A. Frank, writing at on Tuesday in “The One Issue That Could Destroy Hillary Clinton,” argues that the media may have it wrong to assume that …”the issue of immigration, which was gold for Trump in the primaries, is widely seen as his kryptonite” in the general election. Frank writes: “But it may be that the exact opposite is true: that immigration is the issue that insidiously defeats Hillary Clinton.”

Frank contends that Trump’s hard-line positions on immigration are to the right of majority opinion, but that Clinton’s are just as far to the left of the mainstream — noting that Clinton said “I would not deport children” and “I do not want to deport family members, either” in a March debate. In short, under Clinton’s policy, if you manage to sneak across the border illegally and make it to a city, you won’t be removed.

Noting that the polls are unreliable on immigration, Frank wonders which candidate is less in sync with the mainstream. He concludes his article: “In sum, Trump’s approach is far tougher than voters seem to want, but Clinton’s is far laxer. That means voters will have to jump to one extreme or the other. Because the working class feels the effects of uncontrolled immigration far more acutely than do wealthier Americans, Trump may well have the advantage.”

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Posted 5/18/16 by George Palmer



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