Indian Workers Bring Their Culture with Them: Who Knew?

Sometimes the left, for all its recent success in destroying our country, gets in its own way. Consider, for example, the success the LGBTQ… movement has had pushing so-called “transgenders” onto the rest of us. The result, perhaps unforeseen, has been to threaten all the progress another facet of the leftist revolution, the women’s movement, had had in previous years in its push for women’s athletics. Now, transgenders are rapidly filling nominally female-only teams, such as in track and field. The result is that few actual women can compete any more. One step forward, lefties, several steps back.

Dalits (aka Untouchables) protest in India, January 2018

Something analogous is happening, unnoticed by most of us, in the immigration arena. The open-borders, cheap-labor crowd has been hugely successful in importing millions of guest workers, many of them from India, into the U.S. A win for the immigration-happy left, no doubt.

Yet, within that win, we are now learning, there is an ugly problem. The Indian immigrants have brought their culture with them. This will come as no surprise to the readers of this blog, but apparently the left never saw it coming, assuming as they do that all people are merely economic units and are therefore completely fungible, like, say, money.

Vice News has discovered that the Indian caste system has reared its head in, of all places, Silicon Valley, the worldwide bastion of “ANTI-RACISM!” In his August 5 article, “Silicon Valley Has a Caste Discrimination Problem,” Vice author David Gilbert reports that Indian employees of the “Dalit” caste–better known as the Untouchables–are experiencing in the Valley the same “discrimination, bullying, ostracization, and even sexual harassment” from other Indians that they traditionally suffered in their home country. Complaints are pouring in from Indian employees of dozens of high-tech firms in Silicon Valley, including Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, and Netflix. And in June, the State of California brought suit against Cisco Systems, the “first time in U.S. history that a government department has brought a case against a private company based on caste discrimination.”

Thus, we are seeing the opening of yet another front in America’s ongoing ethnic/racial wars.

(Incidentally, the revelation that caste discrimination is now a part of high-tech California culture may come as unwelcome news for India’s favorite lawmaker, Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah). His seemingly Quixotic obsession to get the lavishly pro-Indian S.386 bill passed continues to flounder. Read about Senator Lee Sahib‘s latest travail here.)

One related aspect of quaint Indian culture–their penchant for nepotism, which accounts for the large number of Indian employees hired by ethnic Indians in middle management–isn’t mentioned by Gilbert, but in time, it and no doubt numerous other, perhaps even less savory, cultural imports will be revealed.

For more, see the Vice website.

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