Immigration Becomes Top 2Ol6 Campaign Issue

For the first time in recent political history, polls reveal that immigration has become a major issue for voters that candidates cannot dodge.  “Immigration has arguably attracted more attention than any other issue in the 2016 campaign thus far,” says a new Gallup poll which reveals that 60% of voters now say immigration is an important factor of influence at the polls.

On Thursday, Jennifer Harper of the Washington Times attributed this increased concern to several factors: “It could be Republican front-runner Donald Trump’s very public and pronounced distaste for illegal immigration and porous borders.  It could be an increased public concern over terrorism on American soil, or the unsettling news from the National Border Patrol Council that only 40 percent of the U.S.-Mexico border is actually under the practical control of the U.S.”

Two other recent polls showed strong support for building a secure wall on the southern border — with overwhelming approval from Republicans.


Posted 9/11/15 by Andrew Lewis


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