Immigration a No-Show at Debate

Jill Biden addressing Iowa voters (Breitbart)

The remaining half dozen Democrat hopefuls debated last night in Iowa. Ordinarily, we’d report on what they had to say about immigration, the most pressing issue facing America today. Okay, here goes:


That’s right. Not a word. Oh, Sanders said, off-handedly, that immigration reform was one of many things we need, and Klobuchar for some reason drudged up the old Democrat chestnut about attorney Joseph Welch (“a son of immigrants”) defying Joseph McCarthy with his famous, “Have you no sense of decency, sir?” But that was it. (By the way, if you’re looking for the real story behind the Welch rebuke, check out Ann Coulter’s 2003 book Treason.)

The only immigration talk making news last night was a demonstration staged by “dreamers” outside the debate venue, protesting Joe Biden! Joe, it seems, was being taken to task for the Obama-era creation of “concentration camps” for illegals on the border.

It’s curious that Joe, who never saw an asylum seeker that he didn’t want to welcome to your hometown, is being called a moderate. If Joe is “moderate,” God save us from the extremists. While Biden was prepping for the debate yesterday, wife Jill was speaking to a group of Iowa voters in the town of Boone, Iowa. Unlike Joe and company, she was discussing immigration. Here’s a partial transcript:

I’ve seen here in Iowa particularly communities that are welcoming immigrants and are saying, come to our community and, you know, we’ll bring in technology or we’ll try to bring in corporations or businesses that have jobs to build communities that, you know, people are leaving for one reason or another, so I think we have to ask ourselves, Who are we as Americans? You know, we have, we have a choice: Can we be angry and full of hatred or are we, as Americans, going to welcome people to America? […] Aren’t we all the product of immigrants, all of us? That what America was built on. I see immigration as a strength, not weakness.

Wading through and disregarding the usual Democrat pabulum of “who we are, etc,” notice the plan the Biden campaign has in mind. People are leaving small towns, for “one reason or another,” but we can’t let those communities dry up. We’ll import immigrants to re-populate them. Then “we’ll try to bring in corporations or businesses that have jobs.” Dr. Biden doesn’t seem to realize that maybe we could “try” to do that first, so the natives wouldn’t have to leave.

This is an example of the kind of muddled and downright silly thinking that is central not only to Joe Biden’s campaign but to the campaigns of his opponents as well. No wonder they kept their mouths shut on immigration last night.

For more, see “Jill Biden: Let Asylum Seekers In; Fill Empty Rural American Communities” at Breitbart News.


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