Illegals Policy Good; Legals Policy “Demented”

We’re getting more mixed signals from our government regarding its policies toward legal vs illegal immigration.

Tucker demands halt to “demented” policy

As we noted in a March 23 posting, “Borders Closed but H-1Bs Protected,” the Trump administration appears to be handling attempted illegal entry into this country well. The flow across the southwestern border has slowed to a comparative trickle, and Mexico is taking back those we return to her. But, on the legal front, in a time when we face possibly the highest unemployment crisis in our history, we are still throwing open the doors to foreign workers. It is a policy that would make economic sense only in a time of absolutely full employment, not its near opposite, which we may soon be facing.

First, the good news. The Center for Immigration Studies reported yesterday that illegals from Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras caught attempting to enter the U.S. are being processed in the field and then, in the words of the Washington Post, “whisked back to the border and sent into Mexico.” They are not being medically examined (contrary to what we were told earlier) and they are not being interviewed to determine if they have “credible fear.” They are simply being returned to Mexico, which has agreed to take virtually all of them and deal with them as appropriate. And the process for each individual is taking on average only about 96 minutes.

Last year, most such illegal border crossers were from the Northern Triangle countries; today the majority are Mexicans. Last May, during the peak of that year’s crisis, an average of 4,285 illegals were being intercepted per day. Now, the number has dwindled to less than 600.

Now, the bad news. First, there is the H-2B visa program, which provides visas to foreign workers in seasonal, non-agricultural jobs such as landscaping, food processing, and golf course maintenance. The program is capped–at 66,000 per year–but last month Acting DHS Chief Chad Wolf increased this year’s allowable number by 35,000. (FYI, the companion H-2A program for agricultural workers, which is uncapped, last year admitted 250,000 workers. President Trump said at his Wednesday press conference that that program would continue “or we’re not going to have any farmers.”)

On Wednesday, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, referring to Wolf’s “bonus gift” of 35,000 additional H-2Bs, said: “That’s a total of 100,000 workers coming to this country to take jobs during the single biggest unemployment crisis in a century. It’s demented.”

Moreover, as Carlson said, it gets worse. He notes that on Tuesday DHS notified 85,000 new winners of the H-1B lottery to start the job application process. The H-1B program, as our readers know, is a much-discussed program supposedly intended to allow hiring workers with “extraordinary” skills unavailable among American workers. “In practice,” Carlson says, “the visas are used to import tens of thousands of tech workers from India, so Silicon Valley can profit from a cheaper workforce.”

In a year when tens of millions of Americans could be looking for work, our government is importing 150,000 workers from abroad.  — Tucker Carlson

With estimates of eventual unemployment later this year reaching as high as 47 million–32 percent–Carlson concluded:

[President Trump] has the power to cut legal immigration in order to protect the nation. We’re facing a global calamity that could wreck our economy, fracture society, . . . erode our rights, shatter our institutions, transform this country into a poor country, a has-been ex-superpower beholden to China. . . . Preventing that from happening is the most important test this president . . . will face. The power to placate corporate interests looking for low wages has passed. We need to stop this.


For more and to view Carlson’s monologue, see Fox News.

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