Illegals Collude on Fake Robbery to Scam Visas

We’ve remarked before on the absurd number and variety of visas available to foreigners wishing to live in the United States. Here’s one you may have never heard of: U.

Wikipedia defines the U visa this way:

A nonimmigrant visa which is set aside for victims of crimes (and their immediate family members) who have suffered substantial mental or physical abuse while in the U.S. and who are willing to assist law enforcement and government officials in the investigation or prosecution of the criminal activity.

Courtesy King County Sheriff’s Office

What can be scammed will be scammed. Last month, a group of 10 illegals in King County, Washington, faked a robbery of a joint known as “Bob’s Burgers n’ Teriyakis” where “patrons were allegedly tied up, robbed of jewelry and two female members were said to be sexually assaulted.” The owner of “Bob’s,” Sungsook Jun, told authorities at the time that her three employees and five customers were tied up by two men, at least one of whom was holding a gun.

It was all a lie, dreamed up by illegals hoping to cadge U visas in exchange for their “suffering.”

In his report on the scam on Breitbart News, Neil Munro notes that the incident “spotlights the growing fraud in the U visa program.” The program was created by Congress in 2000 by the Battered Immigrant Women Protection Act, a part of the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act.  A yearly cap on U visa awards nationwide was supposedly set at 10,000, but under the Obama administration “lax regulations encouraged a huge number of illegals to file for U visas.”  He continues:

In Obama’s first term, officials approved 63,000 visa requests. In his second four-year term, officials approved 78,637 U visas. That is a total of 141,921 visas — or 62,000 above the apparent level of 10,000 per year.

In 2016, the backlog for U visa requests was 64,000. The waiting list has now reached 250,000.

Munro quotes Cody Brown, an attorney representing victims of U visa fraud: “The U-visa program is so easy to defraud without detection that the only thing surprising about this story is that these yokels found a way to screw it up. Most Americans have never even heard of the U-visa, but it is widely known in illegal immigrant circles. Turn on Spanish television and you’ll see ads for how to apply for a U-visa.”

(See, for example, “U Visa for Crime Victims” on YouTube.)

Munro remarks that King County is a sanctuary jurisdiction and it is uncertain whether the 10 hoaxers will be turned over to federal officials for deportation. According to Q13 Fox tv, the King County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that deputies do not ask about documentation.

For more, see Breitbart News.


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