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Illegal Immigration Surging toward Record Levels

Put any nonsense you may have heard about illegal immigration subsiding into the category of fake news.

The truth is, illegal border crossing is surging, increasing like never before. In their March 4 edition, the Washington Post is reporting that detentions of illegal border crossings rose 39 percent from February to March in 2018. The similar increase expected this year will boost the total of detentions to 100,000 for a single month.

Detainees on the Rio Grande

Most of those apprehended are groups of adults and children (automatically assumed to be “families,” though no verification is required or even possible in most cases). Migrants and their coyote handlers have figured out that political opposition within the U.S.  to the separation of families, coupled with a severe shortage of suitable detention facilities, is forcing DHS officials to quickly release those detained.



The Post interviewed one such migrant, Guatemalan Dionel Martinez, who says he paid $2500 to coyotes to transport him and his young son through Mexico and across the border, where they were apprehended and released.

“Across rural Guatemala,” the Post quotes Martinez as saying, “word has spread that those who travel with a child can expect to be released from U.S. custody. Smugglers were offering two-for-one pricing, knowing they just needed to deliver clients to the border — not across it — for an easy surrender to U.S. agents.”

No longer do illegals attempt to cross successfully. They simply get to American soil and surrender, knowing they will be protected by policies bought and paid for by leftists and the cheap labor lobby.

While the Trump administration has made attempts to abandon “catch-and-release,” they have been blocked by continual lawsuits and leftist judges. The “remain in Mexico” policy, whereby asylum seekers are compelled to return to Mexican soil while their cases are considered, is slowly being expanded, though at the levels of illegal crossings mentioned above, the numbers are low enough to be inconsequential. Only 150 were sent back to Mexico in February from San Diego, the only port of entry yet to implement the program.

The numbers of migrants, mostly but not exclusively from Central America, coming or planning to come are staggering. Current known levels suggest at least one million illegals will enter this year, joining another two million admitted legally through a myriad of visa schemes and at least eight million illegal workers already in the U.S. That number of one million, however, may be drastically underestimated. A Gallup poll in February found that at least five million Central Americans are planning to come to America this year and another 42 million want to come, given a chance.

Martinez, quoted above, told the Post that the men from his village near the town of Chiquimula were all leaving, each bringing a child with them. “If this continues, ” he said, “I don’t think there will be anyone left in Guatemala.”

They will instead have become de facto Americans.

For more, see Breitbart News and the Washington Post.



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    • Thomas McGuire on March 5, 2019 at 11:40 am

    Incredible that the democrats support this illegal behavior and put foreigners above americans. Must re-elect Trump to save this nation from anarchist democrats.

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