Illegal Aliens Re-Arrested in Sanctuary Charlotte

As we reported as far back as one year ago, the city of Charlotte–North Carolina’s largest–and the surrounding Mecklenburg County have become notorious in denying ICE detainer requests that illegals be held for deportation. Now we hear from John Binder of Breitbart News that a recent ICE sting has netted again some illegals who had previously been caught and foolishly released by local officials.

Ilegal aliens Ruiz-Quintero, Amador-Lopez, and Guillen-Gonzalez (Courtesy ICE)

Last week, ICE agents arrested 12 criminal illegal aliens in Mecklenburg County, half of whom had previously been arrested and then released by Mecklenburg County officials. Among those re-arrested were the following:

  • Nicaraguan illegal alien Jose Ruiz-Quintero, originally arrested on June 15 for assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious bodily injury charges. ICE requested a detainer the next day, but Ruiz-Quintero was released anyway. (A federal judge had ordered his deportation a year earlier.)
  • Elder Amador-Lopez of Guatemala, deported in March 2014 and April 2014, was arrested on August 23 for assaulting a female. ICE requested a detainer that day, but Mecklenburg County released him four days later.
  • Nicaraguan Emmanuel Guillen-Gonzalez was ordered to be deported in March 2018 and was arrested on July 21, 2020 for breaking and entering and larceny. Mecklenburg ignored ICE’s detainer and released him within hours.

Before Mecklenburg County adopted its sanctuary policy in 2018, it routinely transferred illegal aliens to ICE custody for deportation. Since the election of Sheriff Garry McFadden, a “community leader,” those transfers have dwindled to near zero.

ICE Executive Associate Director Henry Lucero said in regard to the re-arrests, “We are here because we cannot stand by idly while knowing the public is being misled about the role ICE plays in keeping the public safe. The fact is local policies prohibiting agencies from working with ICE put you in danger and waste police resources. The public should hold its leaders accountable and demand to know what type of criminals are being released from local custody instead of turned over to ICE.”

For more, see Breitbart News.


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