Illegal Aliens Aren’t Citizens

The Quote Below—More Misinformation from the Media:

“The Trump administration will appeal last week’s court ruling blocking the president’s order to exclude undocumented immigrants from the census data used for apportioning congressional seats, Department of Justice lawyers said in a court filing Wednesday. . . . The DOJ said in its filing that it would seek review of the decision with the Supreme Court.” – Trump Administration to Appeal Ruling against Excluding Undocumented Citizens from Census, The Hill, Harper King, 9/16/20 [Link]

Fact Check on Quote Above: Immigration advocates commonly manipulate language and emotion to advance their agendas. One example is blurring the difference between immigrants and illegal aliens. The word immigrant generally has a good connotation among Americans. It suggests a foreigner who has “played by the rules” to come her legally. An illegal alien, on the other hand, does not have these good associations. He is an alien (a foreigner) who ignores our laws to live here illegally,

Many immigration advocates minimize the difference between the two to reduce the stigma attached to illegal immigration and give it the good name associated with the word “immigration.” Hence, they use the term “undocumented immigrant.” The beauty of this phrase for its users is that it removes the idea that these “immigrants” are doing anything illegal. They are people who, for some reason, just lack documents.

This is a patently dishonest use of language. It’s the equivalent of someone saying “I’m an undocumented plumber; let me fix your pipes. The only document I lack is a plumbing license.” Or another example: “I’m an undocumented doctor; let me treat you. The only document I lack is a medical degree.”

Even more misleading than “undocumented immigrant” is the phrase in the title of this article, “undocumented citizen.” This goes beyond equating illegal aliens with legal immigrants to equating them with citizens, i.e, legal residents who through birth or naturalization have the rights, privileges and duties of citizenship.

Trying to conflate illegal aliens and citizens reflects the anti-patriotic agenda of open border advocates. They care little about American citizenship because they care little about America. For them our country is just a place where anyone can move in and settle down with no distinction between citizens and foreigners. These advocates reveal what they are when they put their deceitful words into print. They are documented traitors.


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