How Far Left Are Dems Prepared to Go?

It’s a truism in American politics that (1) the Republican rank-and-file are to the right of their leadership while (2) the Democrat leadership is to the left of their rank-and-file.

This year, that may not be especially true of the Republicans (especially where President Trump is concerned), but it’s never been more true of the Democrats.

Nowhere was the leftward lurch of the Democrat leadership more obvious than in the first debates among their presidential candidates, held on consecutive days last month.  After Julian Castro called on the first night for the repeal of the 90-year-old law making unauthorized border crossing a crime (a misdemeanor), the group on the second night were asked who agreed.  Seven of the 10 raised their hands.

Kamala Harris, one of the top tier candidates and one who raised her hand, has since taken all possible sides on that issue, in adjoining sentences.  Asked later if she favored “decriminalization,” she said no. Then she said she just didn’t want the (by definition) criminals to be treated as criminals. Then she said she wanted the act of unauthorized entry to be a civil offense, not a criminal one. So, yes, she was in favor of decriminalization.

Clear enough?  If not, what’s going on here? With the second debate coming up this week, it would be nice to know what these people are “thinking.”

The Week has a piece out today entitled “Moral outrage is muddling the Democrats’ immigration debate,” where the author, Noah Millman, asks: “Will the Democrats finally have a real debate about immigration this week? Or has the moral outrage surrounding the topic made it too dangerous to discuss in any meaningful way?”

Millman points out the disconnect between these candidates and not only the electorate as a whole but even the membership of their own party.  Polls show that only a minority (45 percent) of Democrats at large support decriminalization while support among independents is only 24 percent.

Dems All in on Healthcare for Illegals

Addressing another immigration issue (providing free healthcare for illegals), Millman points out that on this question the 10 candidates on the second night were unanimously in favor.  In doing so, they went way beyond the promises of Obamacare.  Here he cites a Washington Post article entitled “Democrats are pushing for drastic change to immigration policy. Some Latino leaders say they’re going too far.


The Post article quotes Domingo Garcia, president of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC): “I disagree with the candidates’ positions about providing health care to undocumented immigrants, when you have Americans who don’t have health care. I think that was a snap decision by some of those candidates that wasn’t thought through.”

Garcia is right. Thinking is what’s missing here.  As Millman says, it is moral outrage, not reason, that is the driving force behind the Democrats’ policies.  Emotion has seized control of these people and they seem to have no way out as they drift (or is it surge) further and further toward the extreme.

As  Brian C. Joondeph , writing in the American Thinker says,  “Most of the candidates are so far to the political left that they should be running as socialists, or better yet, communists.”

The “sleep of reason produces monsters,” and these Dems are far from “woke.”

For more, see The Week.


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