How Far Can Obama Go In Ignoring Immigration Laws?

The relentlessly pro-alien New York Times on May 16th published “In the White House, Debating How Far to Go in Easing Deportations.” While ostensibly a news article, and containing useful information on the political tug-of-war over further easing of immigration law enforcement, the authors, Michael D. Shear and Ashley Parker, slant the piece to create the impression that it is clear that it would be legal for the president to halt virtually all deportations of illegal aliens. “Legal scholars say the White House could…provide work permits for as many as five million illegal immigrants,” they write.

“Presidents have pretty much complete discretion when it comes to enforcing criminal and other statutory regimes,” said Peter J. Shapiro, who teaches immigration law at Temple University. “President Obama can’t start handing out green cards. Short of that, from a legal perspective, there are no serious constitutional or other legal constraints that apply here.”  Numerous additional quotations approving and validating the easing of immigration enforcement follow from politicians, Obama officials, and advocacy group leaders.

Buried down in the article are objections from two people: Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) and a spokesman for the conservative advocacy group Heritage Action. No conservative legal scholars are cited.

In future weeks, AIC Foundation’s The Law and Immigration, will begin to provide a point of view that the “Grey Lady” refuses to give its readers.


Posted 5/17/14  Margaret Hull


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