House Could Vote to Overturn Obama Amnesty Edict

Pundit Byron York writes today that House Republicans have another method of challenging the anticipated Obama mass amnesty edict: “Congress can overturn an executive order.”

Noting that impeachment would fail given the political make-up of the Senate and the two-thirds vote required for conviction, York opines: “The fact is, there is nothing House Republicans can do by themselves, short of another self-defeating government shutdown, to stop Obama if Senate Democrats are determined to block any move to assert congressional prerogatives and establish limits on executive overreach.  But there is something House Republicans could do that at least specifically target Obama’s immigration action: They could vote to overturn the president’s executive order.”

York concedes that the Senate would block a House-passed repeal of an Obama amnesty edict, but argues that a targeted move to overturn a mass amnesty edict would be popular, put some red-state Democrats in a tough position, clearly highlight a serious constitutional issue, and spare the GOP the risk of “going around the bend on impeachment.”


Posted 7/28/14 by Margaret Hull


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