Hondurans Prepare for Another Caravan

With the help of social media tools such as Facebook, Honduran groups are said to be organizing a new caravan, with the goal of reaching and crossing the U.S. border to Mexico.

Migrant Caravan #1 of 2021, Guatemala (Twitter)

According to Reuters:

In one Facebook group that boasts more than 5,500 members, people exchange advice on how to reach “paradise”, how to protect themselves against fraudsters and the coronavirus on their trip north, and share prayers.

The new caravan, set to embark on January 15, would be the second within a month. The first, reported here on December 10, crossed into Guatemala but was dispersed there before reaching Mexico. That may be the fate of the new one as well, given that Guatemalan officials have announced the deployment of 4,000 soldiers to patrol its southern border to prevent the migrants’ entry. In addition, the Salvadoran Air Force is said to be preparing to help stop the northward migration as well.

Acting CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan issued a warning to the migrants not to attempt the dangerous journey, writing:

Do not waste your time and money, and do not risk your safety and health. The dangerous journey both puts you in harm’s way and endangers the lives and health of those in the U.S. and regional countries through the potential spread of COVID-19.

Meanwhile, President-Elect Joe Biden’s team announced that Biden and Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador agreed on a December 19 phone call “to hone a ‘new approach’ to migration issues that “offers alternatives to undertaking the dangerous journey to the United States.”

We’re not sure what that “new approach” will be, but maybe Joe will fly the whole country of Honduras up from Tegucigalpa.

For more, see Breitbart News.


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