Holder: Free Legal Aid for Minor Illegals

On Friday, the Obama Dept. of Justice announced it would provide lawyers to the growing number of unaccompanied illegal alien minors crossing the southern border.

Setting up a new program using the taxpayer-funded AmeriCorps volunteer program, the DOJ plans to seek out around 100 lawyers and paralegals to provide legal services to the illegal alien minors. “We’re taking a historic step to strengthen our justice system and protect the rights of the most vulnerable members of society,” said Attorney General Eric Holder in a statement.

Source: https://news.yahoo.com/u-start-legal-aid-program-immigrant-children-195129297.html

Posted 6/7/14 by Andrew Lewis, who comments: Providing free lawyers who will prevent deportations can only increase the flood of young illegals that the Obama regime hypocritically calls a “humanitarian crisis.”



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