H-1B Visas: Terrible for American Workers

Ian Tuttle posts an excellent expose of the H-1B visa program today at National Review Online entitled “H-1B Visas: Great for American Companies, Terrible for American Workers.”  He documents how the program is used, not to fill shortages of skilled workers with foreigners, but to replace American workers with cheaper foreign labor.  He concludes:

“The American immigration system must work, first and foremost, for Americans….  But a nation that refuses to prioritize the interests of its own citizens over the interests of foreigners is not much of a nation — and is sure not to last as one for long. The H-1B program has become an arrangement through which well-connected companies can save cash by betraying qualified American workers.  An immigration system — and a government — that facilitates such a scheme is broken, indeed.”


Posted 8/3/15 by Lewis Hubbard



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